Plugin Upgrades

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This category contains blog posts regarding the various plugin upgrades.

Enhancements in Advanced Photo Albums Plugin

We live in an era where Albums and Photos are an important part of online communities and, how you showcase them on your website is something that attracts your users and provides them a reason to stay active.

Enhancements in Home Page Background Videos & Photos Plugin

Last month, we released a few good enhancements in 'Home Page Background Videos Plugin' mentioned in our previous blog post, and after this release, we got a great feedback from our clients to implementing background images also along with background vid

Enhancements in Home Page Background Videos Plugin

Having received an amazing response from community on our 'Home Page Background Videos Plugin', we have implemented a new feature in this plugin. For a more enticing appearance, you can now play your videos in full height and width on landing page or any widgetized pages of your website.

Enhancements in Advanced Members Plugin - Better Browse & Search, User Reviews, Ratings & Location

Members are the backbone of any online community and members lead to the success or failure of a website. It is said “A book should not be judged by its cover, but many people are unlikely to read it if its cover is not inviting”, so the appearance of a website plays an important role in it’s success.

Enhancements in Home Page Background Videos Plugin

We've received great feedback for our newest plugin: ‘Home Page Background Videos Plugin’, and are glad to see this plugin enhance the user experience of many websites.

Changes in Facebook And LinkedIn Inviter Policies

Recently, we posted on our blog about: "Changes in Facebook and LinkedIn Integration Features". This was about changes in Facebook's and LinkedIn's API policies. In addition to those there are some other changes which are listed below:   Facebook Inviter Service:   Facebook has restricted the “Facebook Invitation Feature” from April 30, 2015.

Enhancement in Advanced Slideshow Plugin

The homepage is the most important page of your website, and it plays a crucial role in making an impact-ful first impression.

Compatibility of our Plugins with SocialEngine PHP 4.8.9

All our plugins are compatible and work well with SocialEngine PHP 4.8.9.   We have upgraded the video extensions of all our plugins like: "Directory / Pages Plugin", "Directory / Businesses Plugin" and " Read More