Plugin Upgrades

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This category contains blog posts regarding the various plugin upgrades.

New Enhancements in Stores / Marketplace - Ecommerce Plugin

With the holidays season just around the corner, we're glad to bring to you some useful enhancements in the "Stores / Marketplace - Ecommerce Plugin". The increment in online shopping around holidays along with these new features in our plugin will give your sales a big boost.

New Enhancements in Static Pages, HTML Blocks and Multiple Forms Plugin

We've been working hard lately to give you more useful settings in our very popular and versatile plugin: "Static Pages, HTML Blocks and Multiple Forms Plugin", which enables you to create multiple, custom Static Pages and HTML Blocks on your website. You can create these Static Pages and HTML Blocks in all the multiple languages supported by your website.

New Enhancements in Multiple Listing Types Plugin

We recently announced our new extension: "Multiple Listing Types - Paid Listings Extension", and now we're glad to announce the release of some popularly requested enhancements in our plugin: "Multiple Listing Typ

Enhancements in Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin

We’re back with some great enhancements in our "Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin". These enhancements will not only beautify the feeds browsing experience but will also increase user interactivity on your website.   Now, the photos uploaded by users on your website to their albums, and the ones posted from the status update box will be shown in a much more att

Many Useful Enhancements in Stores / Marketplace - Ecommerce Plugin

With the “Stores / Marketplace - Ecommerce Plugin” installed on your SocialEngine website, you can have a great Social Commerce system set up, with numerous monetization opportunities. We’ve been working hard lately on exciting new features in this plugin, which make it a more powerful and robust ecommerce platform.

Compatibility of our Plugins with SocialEngine 4.8.2

All our plugins are compatible and work well with SocialEngine 4.8.2 .   None of our plugins required any SE 4.8.2 compatibility related work.

Many Enhancements in Groups / Communities Plugin and its Extensions

The "Groups / Communities Plugin" enables creation of engaging groups on your website and provides intuitive, attractive user interface.

Enhancements in Multiple Listings Types Plugin

We're back with some great enhancements in the "Multiple Listing Types Plugin - Listings, Blogs, Products, Classifieds, Reviews & Ratings, Pinboard, Wishlists, etc All In One":   - "Add To Favorites" setting: This plugin has a Wishlists feature which enables users to create their wishlists and add listings of their intere