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As the Mobile Apps Industry is growing at a very fast pace, constant improvements and adaptability plays an important role in the success of every business. It is directly dependent on how updated our Apps are wrt. the latest market trends. We are continuously working on the enhancements in our products to serve you effectively.

To keep our users engaged, has successfully released some interesting features and made our iOS and Android Mobile Apps much more compatible including few enhancements, some minor bug fixes that will help you to provide a great user experience.

New Features Released

Two Step Authentication

This feature increases the security on the apps by enabling two-step authentication for verifying the new accounts. When new users tries to signup on the apps, he/she will receive a verification code on the registered email ID.

Member Verification

We have made our Members Verification Plugin compatible with Mobile Apps by the help of which admin can verify other members with the Mobile Apps and also users can send the verification request from the member profile page.

Profile Page Block

Enhanced the look and feel of the Member Profile Page by adding the Friends and Photos block from where users can view their friends and recently added photos on the page itself without going to different tabs.

Hide All Feeds of a User

We have created a setting for the feeds where now a user can hide all the feeds of other users, their friends from the site at once.

SE Compatibility

We have made our Mobile Apps much more compatible with the website than ever by making the settings compatible like Email Settings, Two-step verification during signup, Profile Page Settings, etc.

Minor Bug Fixes

Along with these add-ons & enhancements, we've improved the code, fixed various minor bugs across the app, which will result in more optimised & efficient user experience.

To explore these new features check out our Demo iOS App and Android App

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Glimpse of Our Recent Releases

Ultimate Insta Clone Package

Are you looking to build up your own community just like Instagram with the customizations & configurations of your choice? Then “Ultimate Insta Clone Package” will be an awesome choice for you. With the help of this package, you can build up your SocialEngine website in just a couple of minutes.

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Live Video Streaming / Broadcasting Kit

Broadcast to a large audience anytime, anywhere, with a camera in your pocket, connect in real-time with your Friends and Followers instantly. It is an easy and Interactive way to increase User Engagement. Live Streaming will definitely bring life to your Community.

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Advanced Calendar Plugin

Advanced Calendar Plugin helps users to display & maintain the important dates and upcoming schedules for their meetings & conferences and also supports the integration with other plugins that provide users a great experience.

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Ultimate Insta Clone Theme

Are you looking to build up your own community just like Instagram with the configurations of your choice? Then “Ultimate Instagram Clone Theme” will be an awesome choice to make your website stand out from the crowd.

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