New Features in Suggestions / Recommendations Plugin

Sunday September 19, 2010   |   News & Updates , Plugin Upgrades   |   Leave a Comment

We're excited to release new features in the Suggestions / Recommendations Plugin . Users can now suggest content of any content type (from the 9 SocialEngine Plugins) easily from the main pages of these content. A well accessible "Suggest to Friends" link on these pages shows a popup to the user, thus allowing him to select friends to suggest the content to.

Users can now also suggest their friends to their other friends. A "Suggest to Friends" link on the profile pages of friends allows users to suggest them to their other friends. Clicking on this link opens a popup allowing the user to make the suggestions.

These features now enable you more than earlier to increase the virality and social graphs on your site. It is easier for users to find relevant content on your sites, and share them with their friends. Users are more likely to view content suggested by their friends as the trust factor plays a big role.

Please upgrade this plugin on your sites to get this new feature!

Screenshots :

Demo :