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Thursday July 15, 2021   |   New Releases   |   Leave a Comment

We are back again with yet another list of enhancements in our Mobile Apps. Our main goal has always been catering to the needs of our customers in the best possible way, we are continuously working on the enhancements in our products for the same.

To increase the user engagement, has come up with few interesting enhancements and minor bug fixes in the Mobile Apps.

New Features Released

Advanced Calendar Plugin

Advanced Calendar Plugin can be used for displaying upcoming conferences, meetings, events etc. on your website. It allows you to add details, location and provide an easy way to showcase your schedules in an easy-to-understand manner.

Enhanced Live Streaming / Broadcasting feature

Going live has now become more interesting & fun as Live Streaming / Broadcasting allows you to record live videos, users can set privacy wrt member levels, and maximum allowed time to go live allowing you to connect with the largest audience anytime and anywhere.

Payment Checkout for Events / Stores Plugins

Introducing an important feature for our mobile apps that allow users to purchase the tickets for their favourite events and also to buy the various products available on stores through multiple payments options like Paypal, Stripe, Cheque, Bank, etc.

Minor Bug Fixes

Along with these add-ons & enhancements, we've improved the code, fixed various minor bugs across the app, which will result in more optimised & efficient user experience.

To explore these new features check out our Demo iOS App and Android App

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Glimpse of Our Recent Releases

Advanced Calendar Plugin

Advanced Calendar Plugin helps users to display & maintain the important dates and upcoming schedules for their meetings & conferences and also supports the integration with other plugins that enhances the user experience.

$59.00 Buy Now

Ultimate Instagram Clone Theme

Are you looking to build up your own community just like Instagram with the configurations of your choice? Then “Ultimate Instagram Clone Theme” will be an awesome choice for you to make your website stand out from the crowd.

$59.00 Buy Now

Upgrade to SocialEngine PHP 5.6.0

Do you need help with upgrading "SocialEngine PHP 5.6.0" on your website? Let us help you in upgrading SocialEngine on your website and get your social engine based community rolling.

$39.00 Buy Now

Live Video Streaming / Broadcasting / Go Live Plugin

In the ever-growing digital market, Live Streaming & Broadcasting is one of the most exciting, and interactive ways to share our experience and increase user engagement on the website.

 $499.00Buy Now

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