Blog Earns AWS Consulting Partner Status

Tuesday June 13, 2017   |   News & Updates   |   Leave a Comment


Here comes an exciting news for all our clients! is now an authorized Amazon Consulting Partner. Through this partnership, we aim to let businesses expand their horizon and enable them to make use of Amazon Web Services potential to the fullest. a brand of BigStep Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is now, an authorized Amazon Consulting Partner! What it means? As, an authorized Amazon Consulting Partner we fall under AWS Partner Network (APN) category which is the global partner program for AWS. As, an APN Consulting Partner, we can guide you on how you can successfully use AWS-based solutions and build successful business. To get recognized, we had to:


Prove our expertise & capabilities in AWS space

Earn certain accreditations & explain effectively to clients

Meet advanced APN requirements & level up to another tier


So, now, you have the doors open to lot of opportunities for making huge cost savings on infrastructural and capital expenses. Curious! how to get it done? We are here to guide on how you can cut down capital & operating expenditures and expand your business to new horizons.


Flexibility, cost savings and efficiency - all bundled-in-one. and AWS (Amazon Web Services) partnership bring limitless possibilities for your business growth looming up in the cloud world. From infancy-stage Startups to Large Enterprises can rely upon our guide to simplify processes of their business critical applications.


Our certified engineers are available to offer constant support and guidance to help you incorporate your services in robust architecture and ensure you fulfill requirements for Amazon set up in time.


Make the Best Use of Amazon Web Services with


Tips On Application Re-Platforming

Need to know more than a lift-and-shift migration? If you don’t have resources required for successful deployment of applications on cloud, we’ll guide you on how to re-platform your existing applications and hardware to make them AWS-compatible. And ensure robust business performance.


Assessments & Roadmap

Our expertise will weigh the pros and cons rigorously and based upon evaluation - we’ll provide you a roadmap to set-up cloud infrastructure. Such as, end-user management, the guide to control software expenses, setup, installation and file sharing capabilities in cloud. We’ll help you conveniently get started and successfully get established in the cloud environment.


Scaled & Systematic Engineering

Don’t have enough resources to integrate AWS (Amazon Web Services)? We’ll guide you at every step on how to scale up engineering teams and easily adjust cloud-based modules, upgrades & fixes using AWS. Our recommendations will help you manage and fit your unique business needs in cloud space smoothly. You can easily get up-to-date network setup and configuration as per latest AWS practices.


Exclusive Access

What would it cost to run applications in-house versus AWS? The team will help you understand it clearly. Our strategists and engineers will let you understand how migrating to Amazon Servers can bring on huge cost savings. And not only savings on operational expenses. We’ll guide you in understanding how security issues can be resolved and digital solutions can be implemented faster using Amazon servers.


Access to Up-to-Date Resources

Facing hassles in managing servers? We’ll guide you on how AWS can help you meet all of your server management needs and facilitate access to latest Amazon resources that benefit you significantly. With our constant support, you can build a strong global platform and manage enterprise customers to improve business outcomes. So, start setting up the new platform and ensure applications run faster.


Wrapping It Up:


We are already enabling thousands of clients to streamline their IT infrastructure and build a conducive cloud environment to enable real-time collaboration with clients for driving tough, amorphous & true innovations. And ensure long-term growth & sustainability of businesses. So, reach out to us for expert guidance and take advantage of our APN partnership.


With the best-fit AWS environment, you can ensure successful business performance. Contact us now, to achieve efficiency, cost savings and flexibility all bundled into one.