How Brands can use Real-time Notifications & Live Shopping for Better Customer Engagement

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Building an online community is challenging regardless of the sector we are talking about. Finding the right peers and enthusiasts that share the same tastes is highly challenging for users. However, platforms like have made online community building much simpler.

While building such communities have several perks, there are ways that these communities can benefit from their audience as well. One such way to do this is by building a brand around the community. A brand or Ecommerce store built around tightly-knit communities enables long-term benefits, like customer loyalty and organic engagement.

However, achieving anything besides these benefits can be tiresome, especially without the right approach. This is where real-time notifications and real–time engagement chimes in. Once the online communities have established a brand or even when they are attempting to do so, real-time engagement can help them a great deal.

To provide a brief overview, real-time engagement helps brands address their customers in an entirely intuitive manner. Brands reaching their audience in a direct and personal way instantly establish a connection with them. This connection can be used to spread brand awareness, build communities, promote products, find new prospects, sell effectively, and many more use-cases.

The best way to establish such real-time engagement with your users is via Live Stream Shopping.

So, here are some of the Primary Reasons why Live Stream Shopping is pivotal for Brands:

Enables Two-Sided Communication

A business framework where only the brands talk while the customers listen negates any humane part of the transaction. Conducting a live shopping show eradicates this by facilitating a two-sided communication network.
It creates a space where consumers can reach the brand and gain real-time answers. This shows them that they are interacting with humans and not just a corporate body. Making them feel connected with the brand ensures long-term benefits for the brand, such as customer loyalty, word-of-mouth marketing etc. .

Increases Sales Revenue

Now that you have an effective way to interact with your customers, the chances of your sales increase significantly. Almost 70% of modern customers prefer buying from brands they trust. Mere cold calls and sales pitches do not render any notable prospects nowadays.
As you might have expected, live shopping shows work wonders for making customers trust your brand. The quicker they can reach you, the better impression they will associate with your brand. It directly affects your sales, making real-time engagement a must for you.

Satisfies the Customers

There is a reason why almost every brand website and app nowadays have a live chat option. Since the market is filled with ventures competing for market coverage, customers do not want to wait for even minutes to get their queries resolved.
This is where live stream shopping truly shines, as it helps customers know that your brand is highly approachable. The quicker and better their issues are solved, the more satisfied they will be.

Entertaining and Intuitive

Merely producing a value-centric product does not mean it will catch customers’ attention. You also need a way to showcase its use-cases and applications. Live stream shopping, an ideal way to generate real-time engagement, makes this simpler for brands.
It allows them to conduct engaging live shopping shows where customers can interact with the brand and each other. All this while they can see how the product can be used. This builds a community around the brand while also giving you an edge over the competitors.

Enables Authenticity & Modernism

Customers do not want to transact with a brand that is incapable of keeping up with their demands. At the same time, they do not want fake promises or offers that turn out to be a hoax.
Real-time shopping shows provide brands a persona they can show to their customers. Interacting with a human (representing your brand) feels authentic and even speaks to their modernism-seeking side.

How can Real-Time Notifications Enhance these Benefits?

Tools like Live Stream Shopping Platform are already helping brands implement live video shopping to enhance their buyers’ shopping experiences. Its simple integration process for existing websites and apps make it an ideal solution for every engagement-related need. In addition, its pre-built integrations for Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce , and Magento make adoption of Live Video Commerce very easy for brands.

While such features have already allowed to help 300+ global brands, its effectiveness can be enhanced several fold using real-time notification services. The push notifications service attracts your audience way quicker towards your Shopping Shows as it notifies them at 10x more speed than standard notifications. What’s more is that the service can be programmed to alert the customers automatically.

Brands can use the service to facilitate even quicker interaction, since it brings customers to the Shopping Shows as soon as they tap on the notification. It saves you crucial time and resources you would have otherwise invested in sending the alerts manually. The automated feature is especially useful for quickly growing or well-developed communities since it can garner a huge audience in no time.

Take a look at some of the global brands that have surpassed their limits using Live Stream Shopping and real-time notifications. You can also join them by booking a Free Demo or emailing the Team at

So what’s the wait? Enhance your brands’ sales and customer engagement rate with live shopping and real-time notifications today.

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