Website Guardian Service To Help You In Empowering Your Web Identity

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Having a website / online community for your business does not solve all your problems. It is also required to always keep the website refresh and up to the date for gaining the maximum profit out of your business. An up-to-date website helps in gaining users faith in your brand.

But running a website smoothly and keep it constantly up-to-date is not an easy task at all. It requires time and continuous efforts. It needs regular website monitoring for checking for any technical issues, speed related issues, any plugin updates required, if the content posted on it is fine updated, checking for any spams and so on. If we list down all these tasks required for keeping a website well-maintained, the list would be a very long one.

So, to ease out your work for running your site efficiently, we’ve launched our new service “Website Guardian - Helps in Empowering Your Web Identity!”. The service will act as a guardian for your website and we’ll be taking the complete care of your website from issues checking to refine the content on the website to remove any inappropriate / outdated content.

Here is a list of the major tasks that we’ll be doing under this service:

➤  We’ll allocate a dedicated manager who will work exclusively for your website and he will be the point of all communication between you and us.

➤  We’ll check log files to assure none of the user end functionality on your website is broken.

➤  Website Speed would be taken care of for better user experience and Google ranking.

➤  Regular Back-Ups will be done to avoid any issues such as website crash, drive failures, disk crashes, data loss.

➤  We’ll be maintaining your website’s content to keep it up to the date and remove any inappropriate or outdated content.

➤  We’ll be sharing the weekly growth report with you and will provide required suggestions for betterment.

➤  We’ll check if your mobile apps are also updated.

    And Many More..

This service will act as the guardian of your website and you can get rid off the tasks to keep it alive and up to date. So, you can focus entirely on your business.

To know what all will be included in this service, please refer our Service Page.

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