SocialCommerce - Start making money from your SocialEngine Community

Wednesday November 22, 2017   |   News & Updates , New Releases   |   Leave a Comment

We have an exciting news for you: SocialCommerce - SocialEngine Magento Integration Plugin is now live!


SocialCommerce - SocialEngine Magento Integration plugin will be a ‘Game-Changer for your SocialEngine Community’


SocialCommerce - SocialEngine Magento Integration adds a feature rich Magento based eCommerce store to your SocialEngine Community. It provides the best eCommerce solution to your SocialEngine community, and enables you to have a professional e-shop with all the essential features.



SocialCommerce - SocialEngine Magento Integration provides a seamless integration of Magento 2 store with a SocialEngine website that it appears as a single website to users. Key aspects of this integration are: Single Sign-on, Cart Synchronization, Showcasing Magento 2 products inside SocialEngine Community, Unified Theme for branding etc.


This unified platform makes the shopping experience much more engaging and inspiring for the customers as the recommendations from community members help them make the purchasing decision faster, thus benefitting the customers as well as the store owners too.


To monetise your SocialEngine based community, instead of following the obvious routes like advertising / affiliate marketing, why not add value to the community by offering the users an option to shop instantly without leaving the social website?


To read and know more about this plugin, please follow the link:

To know how your Social Commerce website will look like, please view our demo.


Any questions / feedback? Please drop us a line contact us.