Website Guardian Service To Help You In Empowering Your Web Identity !!

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Having a website for your business is not enough to not solve all your problems. It needs regular website monitoring for checking of technical issues, speed related issues, plugin updates, spam check, content management and so on. An up-to-date website helps in gaining users faith in your brand and attracts more traffic and give high return on investment.

If you expect that your website should run radically better each coming day then it becomes necessary to keep it prim and proper. And, to ease your work for running your site efficiently, provides a service “Website Guardian - Helps in Empowering Your Web Identity!”. The service will act as a guardian for your website and we’ll be taking the complete care of your website from issues checking to refine the content on the website to Improved SearchEngine Rankings, etc. that will result in the Increase of user engagement and provide its users a great experience.

Salient Features of the Service

Dedicated Support Manager

A dedicated manager will be allocated who will work exclusively for your website. Dedicated manager will be the point of all communication and will give the response time that you want.

Regular Backups

Timely backups are important to cope up with issues such as website crash, drive failures, disk crashing, data loss.

Abuse Report Tracking

The content which has been reported abusive, offensive etc. will be analysed so as to have only genuine and quality content on the website.

Suggestions for Improvements

Timely suggestions like changing text for better SEO, enhanced display, adding any new functionality, etc. will be provided for improving the website.

Mobile Apps Upgrades

Owning an updated mobile app for your business is of great importance. We will keep a check on functions like push notifications, signups, timely updates for new features/bug fixes.

Content Management

Updated and managed content is the main reason for members to keep coming back, search engine ranking also gets improved with up-to-date content.

To know more about our service, please refer to the Service Page.

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