Long Wait is Finally Over: Enhancements in Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin are all Set to be Released!

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Thanks to all our valued clients for sending us feedback and suggestions! Based upon these, we've been able to incorporate new features, enhancements and boost the efficacy of this plugin.


It's Much More Appealing, More Enticing!!


The full-fledged, well-tested Upgrade of "Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin" offers a much simpler and fun way to increase interaction on your community.


Appealing Content. Easier to Watch. Increased User Engagement!!


Drive engagements with animations, word styling, feelings / greetings and make every feed more visually appealing.


Here’s the Complete List of Enhancements in a Nutshell:


1. Animations

Happy New Year, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Congratulations, Happy Easter or Happy Thanksgiving - Add an appeal to every message with animation effects. Animations help to build your brand identity and establish a distinct identity of your brand. Images when complemented with sound effects bring out emotions powerfully that remain attached to your brand for a long time.



2. Posting Feeds with Attractive Backgrounds

Make your feeds more enticing and alluring! Make it more noticeable and attract visitors to website using attractive background behind your status updates or posts. Add background colors / patterns to let your posts stand out from other posts.



3. Single Product Advertisement / Sell Something

Promote and advertise your products hassle-free. Advertise products with product descriptions, prices and other information right on the wall of your Community Website.



4. Targeted Posts

Reach out to your target audience and classify it by age or gender. The desired population can be easily reached using this enhancement. Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin offers a great way to target users with your ads, posts, offers, etc. to help you segment the target market based on different age groups or gender.



5. Customizable Post Scheduling

Schedule a post as per your preferred date and time. Scheduling helps to implement marketing efforts in a more focused and smooth way. On scheduling a post, it will automatically be posted on the timeline, thus, enabling you to plan and execute your engagement plans for your Community Members in an efficient manner.



6. On This Day

Relive and share memories from past in a more enticing and appealing way. On This Day, feature offers a new way to look back at things that you have posted earlier and feel nostalgic. The user can only see “On This Day” on his / her timeline, and share it on his / her wall if they wish to.



7. Stickers & Reactions

Bring life to text! Use stickers & reactions to add expressions to your text and show the world how expressive you are in your posts. This enhancement not only allows you to be expressive in your post but, also helps the Community Managers to build engagements with members.



8. Nice Unicode Text Emojis

Add unicode text emojis to make your posts look more trendy. Emojis make engagements more effective and appealing.



9. Different Box Designs for Status

Your status and posts can be made more appealing and attractive using 3 different layouts. Pick your own style and share status using different box designs. Personalize your posts, status and make it more attractive using this feature.


Check out the the three cool layouts of the status box:


Status Box Layout 1



Status Box Layout 2



Status Box Layout 3



10. Different User Photo Positions in Feed


On the timeline of your Community Website, display User’s photo at 7 different positions. This enhances the look and feel of the activity feeds and makes them more attractive and stylish.

Left Square



Left Round



Center Square



Center Round



Right Square



Right Round



No Profile Picture



11. Pinned Post

Users can pin a post that appears on top of their profile. It’s remains on top of their profile as long as you want it to stay there. Using this feature, community members can attractively display content for events, promotions, articles and many more.



12. Enable / Disable Notification Post Wise

No more unwanted notifications! Notifications for a specific post can be enabled / disabled to stop getting notifications for that post.



13. Greetings / Announcements

Happy Birthday! Happy Easter! Or a Good Morning Message! Greet your community members with a polite message. In just few clicks greet your community members instantly or schedule it for later. Greet your site user in an awesome way leading to more effective and engaging interaction.



14. Highlight Posts (Increased Font Size)

Users regularly post great content on their profile. But, what if a small post needs to be featured? Simply, increase the font size, define the set number of characters - and posts become prominent. By using this feature, even a small post doesn't go unnoticed by your audience.



15. Word Styling

Make every word more visually appealing, add eye-catching colors, and make it more engaging, attention-grabbing. Let your post stand out from the crowd, using different colors and 3 different font style (Normal, Italic, Oblique) for text in your post. This feature can be used to highlight a brand, make announcements, etc.



16. Admin Panel and Widget Settings

Configurable Admin Panel and Widget helps you achieve the feature rich activity feeds you desire for your website. In admin panel, separate sub-sections for every feature makes it easy to customize that feature.


Now, no need to install separately Hashtags Plugin, Reactions and Stickers Plugin, Geo-Location, Geo-Tagging, Check-Ins & Proximity Search Plugin. Simply, use upgraded version of Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin and start building engagements over the comments using hashtags, reactions & stickers.


Plugin Upgrade List

To efficiently utilize all features of this plugin, you need to upgrade the following plugins. Now, Let’s have a look over the complete list of plugins integrated with Advanced Activity Feeds:


1. SEAO Core Plugin

2. Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin

3. Advanced Photo Albums Plugin

4. Multi Currency / Currency Switcher Plugin

5. Advanced Comments Plugin - Nested Comments, Replies, Voting & Attachments

6. Advanced Share Plugin

7. Upgrade Themes: Responsive Captivate Theme | Responsive Spectacular Theme | Responsive Luminous Theme



Check out the various setup of Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin:

Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3


So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take your SocialEngine Community Website to the next level with Advanced Activity Feeds Enhancements. Share your content beautifully over the internet.



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