Rebranding, UI Improvements and many New Features in Android Mobile App for SocialEngine

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Everything your Mobile App Needs! It’s Impactful! It’s Visually Appealing!


We're excited to bring this announcement to you: Our Android Mobile App for SocialEngine is now much more visually appealing and engaging, and has many new features. We have improved the User Interface and also enhanced the overall look and feel of the product. Read on and check our Demo App to experience this!


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Through the recent enhancements in UI, we aim to build up a more impactful, more appealing, more engaging, more attractive and a more enticing experience for the Mobile App Users.


Let’s check the complete list of UI Improvements and set of New Features:

UI Improvements:


1. App Header

As an admin, now you have the flexibility to choose whether you want your App Name in the header with search icon or only the search bar in the complete header.



2. User Profile Page

Options such as Add Friend, Accept Friend Request, Edit Profile, Message, etc. are now easy to locate on Member Profile pages.



3. Status Box - Attractive & Easy to Use

• Display of attachment options like Photos, Music, Videos etc. in List View

• Each option has an icon to make the list look more visually appealing and impactful


4. App Dashboard

It’s simplified and much more refined! New design of User’s Profile Photo and Icons with background color adds appeal to your dashboard.


5. User-Friendly Filters in Activity Feeds

Now, easily filter the feeds category you want to see in the Activity Feed. The complete list of icons are visible in the Activity Feed. Click on the icon and reach the selected category instantaneously. Reference image is shown above in point 4.


New Features:


1. Notify users to upgrade their app

Now, mention the App version in the Admin Panel to notify your users who do not have the latest version of the App with a pop-up having the current App Version & details on App launch.


2. Display Video suggestions on Video View Page

If a Video belongs to a channel, then suggestions to view other videos from the respective channel is displayed on the Videos View Page. This feature enhances user engagement in the app. Reference image is shown above in point 1.


3. View options on Members Page

• As an admin, set the default view of the members on Members page as Map View or List View.

• Members can change the view from List to Map and vice-versa.

5. Smooth App Scrolling

Click on the Map icon in feeds to open a new page with full map loaded on it. This makes the feed much lighter and also improves App Scrolling leading to a much better user experience.


6. Comments visibility in Feed

Now, click on the notifications to navigate and view the Post and its respective comments. This feature offers a better user experience and can help build engagement within your community.

6. New Dynamic Forms across the app

The design of the Forms (Sign up form, content creation form etc.) are now much more neat, simple and user friendly. This provides better user interface in terms of readability and an enhanced look & feel of the forms across the app.


7. "Shoot a Video" option while uploading a video from Video Creation form

While uploading a video from the device on Video creation form, users now have option to select an existing video from phone gallery or shoot a video and upload. Reference image is shown above in point 6.

Demo Android App:

Check out these amazing improvements and enhancements in our demo Android app:


Google Play

Upcoming Features in Android App:

1. Stories Feature (Like Instagram & Facebook)

2. Enhancements in Advanced Activity Feeds


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Important Note:

Look out for the same UI improvements in iOS app to be released by 10th November.



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