PrimeMessenger - Get Rich Messaging for your SocialEngine Communities Now

Thursday November 9, 2017   |   News & Updates , New Releases , Mobile Apps   |   Leave a Comment

We have an exciting news for all SocialEngine powered communities: PrimeMessenger services are now live!


PrimeMessenger enables community owners to connect their users with rich messaging experiences. It provides a complete solution for integrating rich, engaging, real-time messaging directly into your Web and Mobile Applications.

PrimeMessenger + SocialEngine

PrimeMessenger integrates seamlessly with your SocialEngine Website, iOS Mobile App and Android Mobile App. Key aspects of integration are: Privacy Controls (member blocking), Friendships, User Online / Offline Status, Member Profile & Photo, Matching Theme (branding), etc.


It’ll help you grow your community with features like 1-to-1 messaging, Group messaging, Typing indicator, Smart Push Notifications, Multimedia Content Sharing, Delivery & Read Receipts, Multi Language support and much more!


Engagement is the key to success for Social Networks, and it is well known that engagement is best obtained by communication.


Hence with its rich features and high usability, PrimeMessenger can be a ‘Game-Changer for your SocialEngine Community’.


For more information check out our plugin here: , or go to: .


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