Obtaining Scribd API Details

Friday June 24, 2011   |   FAQs   |   Leave a Comment

If you have any of our document plugins ("Documents / Scribd iPaper Plugin", "Groups - Documents Extension Plugin" and "Directory / Pages - Documents Extension"), then amongst the first admin configurations that you have to do for them is entering your Scribd API details. Obtaining your Scribd API details only takes a couple of minutes. The following quick steps should be followed:

  • First, sign up for a Scribd API account, over here:
  • Then, from the drop-down next to your name in the top-right portion of Scribd website, click on 'Settings'.
  • Then go to the 'API' tab to see your API key and API secret.

So simple! For any questions, feel free to file a support ticket from your SocialEngineAddOns Client Area.