New Release: Widen your reach with Progressive Web App Plugin

Monday November 26, 2018   |   New Releases   |   Leave a Comment

There has been exponential increase in the number of people using Mobile Phones and hence growing the prerequisite for Websites to target customers on Mobile Devices. Transforming your website into a Progressive Web App (PWA) is the smartest, quickest and most capable way to reach out to a wider audience and grow your traffic.

Therefore, SocialEngineAddOns has now got a new plugin "Progressive Web App (PWA)" for you.

Quick Highlights of this Plugin and its Numerous Benefits:

⇒ App Like Experience:

At the point when clients visit your site in the portable browser, they'll be provoked to add the Progressive Web Apps to their home screens. PWAs are added to the home screens alongside the application symbol and name in only a single click and dispatches with a splash screen and works like a native app.

⇒ Quick Loading Speed:

Progressive Web App stacks quickly, regardless of the sort of system association. The technique involved is run-time caching with service worker, which decreases the time required to stack page and assets to a couple of milliseconds.

⇒ Add Icon to Homescreen

Using PWA, users get prompted to add the app to their home screen when used frequently. It is one of PWA’s biggest feature as it allows app-makers to bypass App Stores and simply share apps via links. The app will open without any address bar when launched from the home screen.

⇒ Secured

Note that PWA works for SSL confirmed sites only. That implies your site ought to keep running on HTTPS. This factor of PWA makes your substance much more protected and anchored. Along these lines, We can state that PWA serves by means of HTTPS to preventing snooping and guarantee content has not been altered.

⇒ Going Offline

Progressive Web Apps work notwithstanding when there is no or poor web network. In spite of the fact that the client won't ready to load new substance, users can view the pages which have been recently visited by them.

⇒ Synchronize with Website

Progressive Web Apps are synced with the website due to which every update on website will reflect on the app automatically. The update can be seen when the PWA is loaded and it doesn’t have to be updated in the background or before launch as in the case of a native app.

⇒ Increase User Engagement Using Push Notifications

PWA plugin make re-engagement easy through features like push notifications. Users don't need to do every day check of their site for customary updates. Push notifications are sent to the user's gadgets tapping on which lands them to the fitting page with the refresh. Program Push Notifications can be surveyed on all gadgets autonomous of the program.

⇒ Enhanced User Experience

Not just the application like look and feel enhances the experience of clients of a network however PWA additionally gives the application like functionality. Better UI, No looking over glitches, better speed, Service laborer reserving, Server-side rendering and so on are some necessary parts of PWA which brings about giving better client encounter.

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