New Release: Responsive Allure Theme

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Here we come with a brand new invention to make your network more delightful. SocialEngineAddOns got you a brand new theme namely  Responsive Allure Theme . As supposed by the name Responsive Allure Theme is completely fascinating in terms of its consolidating features and coherent functionalities. This theme allow users to sum up the characteristics of their social network in their own words.



So, Here are the key features of Responsive Allure Theme:

=> Fully Configurable Theme:

SocialEngineaddons has come up with an exclusive feature of customization of theme. Now users can shape the theme in their own manner.

=> Complete Dynamic Landing Page:

Responsive Allure Themeis a complete dynamic theme. This feature makes this theme user-friendly.  

=> Variant Versions Of Color Scheme:

Responsive Allure Themeis comprehended with two distinct versions of color scheme i.e. Default Light Theme and Default Dark Theme. These default themes have 12 pre-configured sub themes.

=> Elements Of Header Just A Click Away:

Users can now choose the elements to be present on header just by clicking on the options present in the settings. There is no need to delete any widget from layout editor.

=> Select Elements Of Footer Via Settings:

Just like header, users can now choose the elements of footer by clicking on the options present in the settings without deleting any widget from layout editor.

=> Sending Newsletters:

Invocating the idea of sending newsletter to the mob of community, SocialEngineaddons has sketched this option along with other theme related settings. A list of all subscribers can also be easily viewed in corresponding tab of sending newsletter.

=> New Addon Feature Of Backup of Previous Set Up:

Users can now set the previous set up of landing page again anytime after activating Responsive Allure Theme.

=> Privilege To Create New Color Scheme:

Vibrant websites have the capacity to attract human race towards it. Using Responsive Allure users will be able to create numerous themes for color schemes to make their website vibrant in every way.

=> Modify The Color Scheme:

 Now users can do not only creation but also the modification of newly created color scheme gradually or unitedly in order  to make their website visually spectacular.   

=> Multiple Font Types:

Not only standard font type is a spree now. Responsive Allure Theme has brought a new feature of usage of multiple font types for your  website.

 => Multiple Font Sizes for Distinctive Sections:

Users now have the exemption to modify the font size of sections present.

=> All Settings Enclosed At One Place:

All the theme related settings are enclosed at one place. Users don’t have to go through distinct pages in order to make modifications related to theme.

Why opt Responsive Allure Theme?

*Responsive Allure theme will make configuration of landing page and some other abstracts quite easy.

*This theme is absolutely responsive. Showcase your website on any device.

*Integration with Advanced Menus Plugin makes the main menu more optically soothing.

*Usage of multiple font type and font size will make the website even more fascinating.

*Customizable color scheme will add more stars to the visuals of website.

*Not just one but two versions for selecting color scheme will be beneficial for users.

*Being able to modify multiple settings which are collaborated at one place will be a saviour.


Theme Description and Demos

 You can read the complete decsription of Responsive Allure Theme here:

Various Demos with Various Color Schemes

Default Demo

You can review the demos in all color scheme provided in Responsive Allure Theme.


View Default Light Theme Demos:

Pink       View Demo    Blue       View Demo   Green  View Demo 
Orange  View Demo   Yellow    View Demo   Red      View Demo


View Default Dark Theme Demos:

Dark Pink       View Demo    Dark Blue      View Demo    Dark Green   View Demo 
Dark Orange  View Demo   Dark Yellow   View Demo   Dark Red        View Demo



 Certified by SocialEngine Marketplace

Responsive Allure Theme has been certified by SocialEngine. Buy this theme from SocialEngine Marketplace now.

*SocialEngineAddOns is providing free installation of this theme on your SocialEngine based website with the purchase of this theme.

*Get FREE support service of this theme for 60 days on purchase of this plugin.





We hope you like our new theme. If you have any suggestion or feedback, please contact us