New Release - Quick Sign Up Feature in iOS App for SocialEngine!

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In today’s world, time is running fast and waits for none and so, realizing this fact, the user wishes to join the community with just a Single Click eliminating not-required steps while registration. All we want is an easy process of Sign-Up, which is a key to increase the users on your community and allows the user to quickly register for a community using only the required details.


A few months back, we announced the release of Quick Sign-Up in the Android Mobile App for SocialEngine and were pleased to receive amazing responses from our clients for that upgrade. Now, we are glad to announce the same enhancement with our iOS app for SocialEngine.

Let’s have a closer look at benefits Quick Sign Up has to offer

User-Friendly Experience:

A single form for signup having only mandatory profile fields will create a user-friendly experience for users as compared to the Mobile Apps with unnecessary long signup forms. Easy & Quick sign-up offers users the convenience, less failed logins, and more personalized experience



Increased Sign Up Rate:

Lengthy Sign Up process sometimes, hinders the registration process resulting in burdensome experience, but a single step can keep them engaged providing smooth, easy and successful signups. Consequently, this will boost the number of signups in any Community.



Today is the world of fast running pace where everyone wants quick processes and save time. Displaying only the mandatory fields will make the form as short as possible. Thus, this will be an x-factor if the same process is achieved in lesser time. With Quick Sign-Up, there will be no more long and time-consuming signups which will result in more number of registered users.


Easy Manageable Profile Fields:

Quick Sign offers Admin Configurable settings wherein you can manage the Profile Field / Profile Types which you want for Users in the Sign-Up. Enable / disable various profile types / fields depending upon what information you require from the users. You can also add or edit the profile types and their fields.



This enhancement of Quick Sign-Up implemented in the recent app upgrade will add a great impact on your community in numerous ways. Get the same in your iOS Mobile App and see your community grow. Hurry up and get your App Upgraded or Renew the Support Plan now if not active


Check out this Amazing enhancement in our iOS Mobile App


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