New Release: Professional Questions & Answers Plugin - Great Tool for Knowledge Sharing

Friday October 23, 2020   |   New Releases   |   Leave a Comment

We are glad to announce the release of our Professional Questions & Answers Plugin. This plugin is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a more question and answer style of Plugin. It provides you with various powerful features to build a modest yet professional looking Q&A Plugin with ease.


Key Features

  • Unlimited Questions & Answers: Users are allowed to post unlimited questions and answers on the website. Admin can also set a limit to restrict the Users if required.
  • UpVote / DownVote for Questions: Users can UpVote / DownVote the questions as per the value. It also encourages them to post more Questions on the website.
  • UpVote / DownVote on Answers: Users can UpVote / DownVote on the answers as per the values. It also encourages them to post more answers on the website and provides a better solution to the Questions.
  • Best Answers: Question Owner and Admin can mark any answer as "Best Answer" as per the requirement. That answer will be visible at top of Question Profile Page.
  • Tags for Quick Search: Tags can be added to the Questions and Popular Tags widget is created which can be used for Quickly Searching of the Questions.
  • And Many More...


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