New Release: Member Profile Short & Custom URL Plugin

Friday January 12, 2018   |   News & Updates , New Releases   |   Leave a Comment

SocialEngineAddOns has released a prominent plugin designed specially for SocialEngine community members: Member Profile Short & Custom URL Plugin.


Member Profile Short & Custom URL Plugin

Nowadays people prefer short and to the point information, same goes for member’s profile URL. People prefer shortened and simple to understand URLs to access and share their profile URLs on social media. ‘Member Profile Short & Custom URL Plugin’ allows you to enable creation of memorable, custom URL without altering anything else on your website. This plugin is extremely simple-to-use, and you will be up and running in minutes. No custom configuration is required to make it work and using it is as simple as clicking a few buttons. You certainly don’t need to know how to code when it comes to URL Shortener.



Some of the most significant features of this plugin are:


1) Automatically Shorten the User Profile URL: Site admin can enable automatic shortening of the existing and new user profile URLs into easy and short URLs. URL will get shorten by removal of ‘profile’ from the current URL format: . New format of the user profile URL will be:


2) Add Custom Text in User Profile URL: Create more sensible user profile URL for your website by replacing 'profile' from current URL with a custom slug. The new general format of the user profile URL will be like this:

Example: Your website is designed specifically for bikers then you can replace ‘profile’ with ‘bikers’, so new URL format for user profile will be:


3) Add Custom Text or Automatically Shorten the User Profile URL on Member Levels Basis: Different member levels require different user profile URL formats to justify their profile. Site admin can enable / disable automatic shortening of user profile or can replace ‘profile’ with custom slug for available different member levels on the website.

Example: If you have three different member levels on your website, suppose: bikers, guides and guest. You can create three different user profile URL formats for these members like this:





4) Ban Offensive Usernames: Use of irrelevant or trash words as username can tarnish the reputation of a website. It is important to ban them beforehand, so that no user is authorized to assign it as their username. Site admin can restrict such words.

Example: README, admin, website_name etc.


5) Ban Keywords Associated with Installed Module Names: A website has various plugins (modules) to provide various features to their members. SKU of these plugins should be restricted from being used as usernames. Site admin can ban these SKU and other keywords associated with the installed and active plugins on the website, which users cannot assign as username to their profile.

Example: event, album, store, group, sitevideos, etc.


6) Notification Tips: To inform the site admin about the latest plugin installation and conflicts on the website, notifications appear as tip. This helps admin in updating the banned username list easily.


And many more…


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