New Release: Member Avatars Plugin with Initials

Friday January 12, 2018   |   News & Updates , New Releases   |   Leave a Comment

SocialEngineAddOns has released a powerful tool for SocialEngine based websites to generate Avatar with name initials instead of default user profile image: Member Avatars Plugin with Initials.


Member Avatars Plugin with Initials

The most crucial part of a website are its members. It is important to provide flexibility and new features to keep site members stick to your website. One such simple feature is to generate Avatar with name initials for the users who don’t prefer to upload images during sign-up process or they simply forget to do so or have removed their current profile image for time being. These Avatar initials helps you differentiate members without images or unique avatars. Admin may choose to showcase the initials from member’s name using attractive font style, font color, font size and background color.



Some of the most significant features of this plugin are:


1) Avatar Text Format: Avatar initials can be generated in two formats i.e. Initials of First Name or Initials of the First, Middle and Last Name.


2) Count Of Avatar Initials: Admin can set the count of characters from member’s name which will be displayed as the Avatar initials.


3) Enable Uppercase: Admin can generate Avatar initials in uppercase or in the case which a members have used for their complete name.


4) Configure Font Size: The Admin can set the font size of Avatar initials in percentage size of the Profile Image Box of the members profile image section. This value can be set from 25% to 75% of the Profile Image Box size of member profile image section.


5) Configure Font Style: Choose from the 5 default font styles to show the Avatar initials. The Admin can also add new font styles [.ttf file] from the 'File & Media Manager' section from the SocialEngine website admin panel.


6) Customize Background Color: The Admin can either customize the background color for all Avatar initials on the website or opt to randomly choose colors as background of Avatar initials for different users.


7) Fix Background and Foreground Color: Choose and Configure a fixed background color & foreground (font) color for the Avatar initials of all users who have not set any profile picture on your website.


8) Compatibility: Full compatible with all SocialEngine, SocialEngineAddOns, Mobile, Tablet, and 3rd party plugins.


9) Configuration: The plugin is easy to configure & set up and ready to use. The website will be up and running with this awesome feature in just a few minutes.


And many more…


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