New Release: Bot Actions Plugin to Boost Growth of your SocialEngine Community

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The popularity of your site is directly proportional to the popularity of its content. And the popularity of the site content means the number of followers of the content, the number of likes on the content, the number of members of the content etc.


But, it is actually very difficult to gain attraction of users towards even a good content on any new website. It’s because the site is a new one for the users and is not like the other sites which they are used to from a long time and for which they have developed a sense of trust. For example, if we are a Facebook user from since long, then we are usually very easily attracted towards any content on FB, but not easily attracted towards the similar type of content on other websites.


Keeping the above points in mind, we have designed Bot Actions Plugin - Auto Follow / Join / Like / Auto Friend Request for SocialEngine. It helps you break the the initial and major barrier in the path of the growth of your site i.e. gaining popularity for the site content in the initial days of the site launch and thus opens the further ways for the progress and success of your site. This plugin will perform some actions i.e. liking, following or joining an entity like a group, an event etc. automatically for users whether new users or existing users as per the framework set by the you.


You can set up auto actions for the best content of your site, so that users are automatically targeted towards that content and you can be able to serve your users the best.



Key Features of this Plugin:
  • Automatic Actions for Like, Join, Follow, Subscribe: You can create related auto actions for individual entities of your site, for example, you can create an auto action for liking, following and joining of an event such that the event is automatically liked, followed and joined by the users of your site.
  • Filter Users: Various filters such as Profile type, User type, Member Levels are provided for selection of users in the Auto action creation form, so that specific users can be targeted for specific auto action.
  • Selection of Resource Type: You can select for which resource type you want to disable the auto action functionality.
  • Automatic Friendship: Auto actions can also be created for making a specified user friends of all other users.
  • Auto Actions possible with & without friend requests and membership requests: Auto Actions for the joining/membership of a content can be created in two ways:

    → Members will be added automatically to the specified content and no membership requests will be sent to the owner of the content.

    → Membership requests are sent automatically to the owner of the specified content for which auto action is created and members are added when the owner accept those requests.

Major Use Cases of this Plugin:
  • Site Promotion, if your site is a new one and you’re having problems to promote it.
  • Gaining popularity of site content by getting number of likes, followers, memberships, subscriptions, friendships etc. automatically.
  • Event Promotion, if you’re organizing a great event but worried about how to promote it, this plugin will help you out.
  • Gaining popularity of your site content on other social websites, if you share your site content on other social websites, then the content with a good number of likes, followers and members can easily catch the eyes of the people on other social sites.
  • For Monetization, you can charge those users of your site who want auto actions to be created for popularizing any of the content posted by them. This would be a mutual benefit of you and the users.
  • You can set up a path for new users of your site with the use of auto actions. You can present them some good suggestions in the form of your site content based on their interests.
  • Gaining users’ attention towards some specific area of your site which you want to highlight.
  • Gaining Increased Overall Activities by the use of auto actions and thus moving towards success.
  • Automatic friendship of all the users with Admin is possible by this plugin.
Why do you need this plugin?
  • The more the activities will be on your site, more users will be attracted to those and hence the more user engagement will be there on your site.
  • Less popular content can sometimes inhibit business growth, so, using this plugin this situation can be avoided. Popularity of site content will increase your social proof and help your idea become more effective and persuasive.
  • You can highlight required sections of your site by targeting users towards them by the use of auto actions.


For more details, refer our Plugin page: Bot Actions Plugin - Auto Follow / Join / Like / Auto Friend Request


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