New Release: Advertisements, Community Ads & Marketing Campaigns Plugin for Effective & Engaging Advertisements

Thursday March 14, 2019   |   News & Updates , New Releases   |   Leave a Comment

We are glad to announce our new release “Advertisements, Community Ads & Marketing Campaigns Plugin”. It helps users to create rich, targeted ads / campaigns on websites for the promotion of their pages, external sites and even content: like groups, posts, albums, events etc. The ads from this plugin are more expressive and better looking than banner ads / simple text ads and more likely to receive user attention and clicks.


Features of this plugin:
  • 4 Types of Ads: This plugin provides four types of ads that you can create on your website: Boost A Post, Promote Your Content, Promote Your Page & Get More Website Visitor.
  • 3 Types of Ad Formats: To make your ad appealing and attractive, this plugin provides you three ad formats ie. Image, Carousel and Video. Each format has its unique features which may help the users to create effective ads.
  • Ads in Activity Feed: This plugin allows ads to get displayed in core activity feed as well as in advanced activity feed.
  • Ads Targeting: Targeting helps to target a specific audience and keep the ads limited to members that match the constraints which are selected. You can use Network Targeting, Location Targeting and Profile Targeting to target your ads.
  • Ads Scheduling: User can set start or end date & time for ads at the time of creation. If user wants the ad to never expire, there is no need to set the end date for it.
How to monetize your website using this plugin?
  • More ads lead to more customers resulting in more revenue for your product.
  • The plugin allows to create four different types of ads with three possible formats, so you can choose the best suitable type & format to showcase your ads in an attractive manner.
  • This plugin provides paid packages for users with different pricing models as well as for different ad types.
  • Enables advertisers to reach target audience which is more likely to be interested in their ads.
  • Ads are more appealing and attractive as compared to banner ads / simple text ads, which results in the popularity of that content.

For more details, please refer to the plugin page.

To view demo click here.

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