New Release: Ultimate Insta Clone Package & Live Video Streaming / Broadcasting Kit

Friday August 6, 2021   |   New Releases   |   Leave a Comment

We are excited to announce the release of our two new great packages "Live Video Streaming / Broadcasting Kit for Website & Apps" which helps users to go live and connect Instantly in real-time to a large audience and "Ultimate Insta Clone Packageusing which you can give an Instagram like look and feel to your SocialEngine website. These new packages provide an easy and interactive way to increase the user engagement in the community.

What these Packages have to Offer?

  • Increased User Interaction: Live streaming your event can make your content accessible to the people whom you wouldn’t have reached otherwise. You can reach anyone in the world remotely via live streaming, as you are no longer limited by geographical constraints.
  • Real-Time User Engagement: Whenever you’re reading an article or blog post, you’re reading work of the past. Live Streaming offers real-time interaction and allows users to join a conversation directly with the broadcaster.
  • Maximize Your Reach: Face-to-face interaction with the consumers allows businesses to humanize themselves and allows them to have a better connection with their audience. You can tell your brand’s story more effectively.
  • Insta Clone Look: Ultimate Insta Clone Theme is specially designed in a way that it will give Instagram like look & feel to your SocialEngine website.
  • Attractive Login & Sign Up Pages: The login & sign-up pages are specially designed to fit the Instagram concept. It also allows you to add taglines to these pages.
  • Vibrant UI of Website: This theme has been articulately designed with a beautiful and user-friendly interface. All settings can be configured via admin panel.

Glimpse of Our Recent Releases

Upgrade to SocialEngine PHP 5.6.1

Do you need help with upgrading "SocialEngine PHP 5.6.1" on your website? Let us help you in upgrading SocialEngine PHP version to 5.6.1 on your website and get your community rolling.

$39.00 Buy Now

Advanced Calendar Plugin

Advanced Calendar Plugin helps users to display & maintain the important dates and upcoming schedules for their meetings & conferences and also supports the integration with other plugins that enhances the user experience.

$59.00 Buy Now

Ultimate Instagram Clone Theme

Are you looking to build up your own community just like Instagram with the configurations of your choice? Then “Ultimate Instagram Clone Theme” will be an awesome choice for you to improve traffic and make your website stand out from the crowd.

$59.00 Buy Now

Live Video Streaming / Broadcasting / Go Live Plugin

In the ever-growing digital market, Live Streaming & Broadcasting is one of the most exciting, meaningful and interactive ways to share our experience and increase user engagement on the website.

 $499.00Buy Now

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