New Free Extension for Directory / Pages Plugin: Short Page URL released!

Tuesday January 17, 2012   |   News & Updates , New Releases   |   Leave a Comment

In tune with our practice of developing new extensions for "Directory / Pages Plugin" and enhancing the existing extensions, we're glad to announce the release of our new extension:

Directory / Pages - Short Page URL ExtensionDirectory / Pages - Short Page URL Extension         (FREE Extension!)

Short Page URL Extension for Directory / Pages Plugin enables URLs of Directory Items / Pages on your website to be made short and more human readable. Such URLs are easier for visitors to identify, remember and share. Short URLs make it easier for Page owners to direct others to their Page on your site. With this extension, Page URLs like: can be changed to: Site Admin can also ban offensive URLs.

To read more about this extension and check out the screenshots, visit its main page over here:

We have many exciting enhancements coming up for the "Directory / Pages Plugin", so stay tuned to our updates.

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