New features in iOS and Android Mobile apps for SocialEngine PHP

Friday April 1, 2016   |   News & Updates , Plugin Upgrades , Mobile Apps   |   Leave a Comment

Mobile Apps can play an important role in the growth of an online community. We’re delighted to see the numerous iOS and Android apps built using our products, that have brought SocialEngine powered communities to the mobile world. We’re constantly working on enhancing our mobile apps, and have released some useful new features in both iOS and Android apps for SocialEngine PHP. Now our Mobile apps come with better and upgraded versions that include some new features like Social Sharing across various platforms, Spread the Word, many UI enhancements, and more:


Here is a quick summary of new features and enhancements that have been done in Mobile apps:


Android App for SocialEngine PHP:


• Implemented Spread the word feature that allows a user to share the app on Facebook, WhatsApp, Email etc.

• Implemented Social Share feature that allows users to share content from the app to other external apps.

• Implemented Google Analytics support.

• Implemented Emoticons support for Activity Feeds.

• Implemented Notifications count synchronization for the activity feeds and dashboard.

• Implemented a feature to Copy, Cut & Select all, for all the modules.

• Implemented Modular structure that speeds up the app, and reduces its total size.

• Added more sharing options like Video, Music, Check-in, Multiple photos and Links in the Activity Feeds.

• Speed improvements and bug fixes in Activity Feeds & other modules integrated in the app.

• Implemented Caching for all the content browse pages in the app.


iOS App for SocialEngine PHP:


• Implemented Social Share feature that allows users to share content from the app to other external apps.

• Upgraded to SWIFT 2.0. The app is now much more robust and as per the latest version of SWIFT iOS programming language.

• Added Animation effects in the Introductory Slideshow.

• Added support for unicode icons in the Dashboard.

• Fixed bug for Dashboard auto-loading.

• Implemented Image caching.

• Improvements in Photo LightBox - photo loading speed and transition speed between multiple photos.

• Created single feed pages for notifications.

• Many UI improvements like updated icons across the app, Navigation Bar UI Improvements in all modules' layouts.


These are the new feature developments and improvements done recently, and we’re working actively to deliver many more new & exciting features in these apps, that will add great values to your community.


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