Live Broadcasting & Streaming in iOS and Android Mobile Apps

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Go Live and Connect Instantly in Real-Time to a large audience Anytime, Anywhere with a camera in your pocket. Live Broadcasting extensively increases User Engagement in the Community with a Fun, Interactive and Powerful way.


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Highlights of Live Broadcasting/Streaming Feature:


1. Choose Audience to Go Live with

Select Audience Privacy from Pre-established lists and go live with a set of Friends, Networks, Acquaintances.


2. Tag Users while going Live

Tag your friend you’re enjoying your party with and who is part of your video.


3. Add Location while going Live

Add Location you’re going live from or want to highlight the place you are at for your event, game, holiday, etc.


4. Notify the Audience through Push Notifications

Push Notifications sent to the required audience to invite them to watch and engage in your live video.


5. Reactions & Comments on Live Video

Viewers can give reactions and leave comments on Live Videos and interact with the broadcaster to share their views


6. Share Live Video in Feed

Live videos when shared in feed, remain there indefinitely. Just as if they were regular video feeds.


7. Share Live Video in Story

Live videos when shared in Story, remain there as per the Story Expiry Time set in the Admin Panel.


Benefits of having Live Broadcasting in your online community :


1. Real-Time Delivery of content keeps viewers bound, resulting in an exceptional boost in User Interaction

2. Live Videos capture a large number of audience with the help of Push Notifications

3. Unscripted Content builds Trust and Loyalty in the Community

4. Quick Delivery of Content to the end users, when compared with Blogs, Articles etc.

5. Live Broadcast enables you to present completely new offerings to your users, like streaming live game shows, live sports, live events, etc. This gives your community new growth opportunities



Live Broadcasting & Streaming Service:

Check out Live Broadcasting Service for the Features, Benefits and other details: Service details


If you have a community based on Social Networking, Sports, Events, Blogs, Travel, or any you can think of, Live Streaming will definitely bring new life to your Community. Get it now for your iOS and Android Apps and see your community grow at a faster pace than ever.



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