Enhancements in Suggestions / Recommendations Plugin

Monday October 3, 2011   |   News & Updates , Plugin Upgrades   |   Leave a Comment

We have made some useful enhancements in a favorite plugin for many: "Suggestions / Recommendations / People you may know & Inviter". Along with feature and UI enhancements, there are also many performance enhancements in this great plugin for increasing user engagement on your communities:

- AJAX Based Recommendation Widgets: You can now enable content of various Recommendation widgets to be loaded via AJAX, after the loading of main webpage content. This is a great enhancement for improving webpage loading speed.

- Quality of Recommendations: The algorithms behind the recommendation engine of "Suggestions / Recommendations Plugin" are based on user relevance, and highlight content and people that users might actually be interested in. For various recommendation types, we have divided the algorithms based on their result quality to "High", "Good" and "Average". As a higher quality algorithm computes better recommendation results, it uses relatively more computation resources than lower quality algorithm.

- Enhanced Suggestion Pop-ups: The suggestion pop-ups now have a "Select All" option, enabling users to select all friends in one click and send suggestions. This increases the virality of suggestions along with the trust factor already associated with them.

- Attractive User Experience: We have added new javascript effects in the various Recommendation widgets to provide better user experience.

- Friend Inviter in Signup Process: You can now include the inviter from this plugin in the signup process from "Admin" > "Settings" > "Signup Process" section in the Admin Panel to enable users to get their friends along on your website when they signup.

- "Add Friend Request" made AJAX based: The process of sending friend requests from Recommendation widgets and Explore suggestions page has been made AJAX based. The smooth one-click process provides good user experience and enables users to quickly act on friend recommendations. This can also lead to more friendships on your network.

- Support for one-way friendships: The "People You May Know" widget now supports One-way Friendships (Followers). In SE, you can choose to have One-way Followers on your website from the "Admin" > "Settings" > "Friendship Settings" section.

- "Explore Suggestions" widget now works for non-logged-in users also: Non-logged-in users can now see this widget which would recommend to them quality content from your community, which may in-turn increase signups on your website. A good location to place this widget would be your site's homepage.

- Max Connection Level for Friend Suggestions: You can now select the maximum connection level till which friend suggestions should be shown to users.

- Code and performance Optimizations.

We hope you enjoy these enhancements! You can provide your suggestion to us for feature enhancements and new ideas from here: .