New Release: Video Autoplay in Android App & Last 2 days for 30% discount

Thursday April 25, 2019   |   Mobile Apps   |   Leave a Comment


In a continuing effort to provide the best possible experience to our clients, we at SocialEngineAddOns always strive to deliver new features that allow App Users to interact with the app in a whole new amazing experience.

This add-on in the existing functionality of videos has aimed at creating a more impactful, appealing and captivating experience for the Mobile App Users. It will not only provide a better User Experience but will also help in driving User Engagement to a great extent.

Highlights of Video Autoplay Feature:

1. Video Autoplay in Feed :

  • As you scroll through the feeds, the device uploaded videos start to play itself without you having to play the video. Along with increasing engagement autoplay will ensure that your users stick to the app.
  • Videos will initially play muted in the feed and play silently, but users can enable the sound by tapping the video or clicking on the sound icon.


2. User Manageable Setting :

App Users can easily enable / disable and manage the video autoplay feature from their Account Settings.

Benefits of Video Autoplay

1. Increased User Engagement

Generally, only a small number of users tend to actually click to watch videos which can lead to having a video that no one is playing. Video Autoplay will certainly help users to quickly decide whether they want to watch a video and also increase the views of any video.


2. Enhanced Videos Discoverability

By enabling users to watch at least a few seconds of your video while they scroll through their feed, you make sure you grab your users’ attention and enhancing your videos’ discoverability.


3. Effective Promotion

Videos play a key part in promoting your community. Autoplaying videos in the feed lead to greater exposure to uploaded videos so that they are watched on the fly and not missed by Community Users.


So, that was a quick summary of the recent feature enhancement in our Android Mobile App. To check out the same in our Demo Android App, please Click here :

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