Social Login and Sign-up Plugin Enhanced! It’s Much Faster! Much Simpler! Has More Channels!

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Here’s another amazing enhancement from SocialEngineAddOns! We have increased functionalities of Social Login and Sign-up Plugin manifold.


Drive Social Media Traffic Easily!!


In today’s multi-channel data-driven landscape, getting an accurate view of visitors’ data isn’t easy, especially, as concerns over data privacy has risen tremendously. Many of the companies are seeking options of implementing data collection techniques to understand visitors’ data and information. Not just user data, companies are looking forward to build user engagements and traffic on websites.


Social Login & Sign-up Plugin offers an amazing platform to resolve such concerns and establish Social Media existence easily. SocialEngineAddOns has further, enhanced and increased the functionalities of Social Login and Sign-up Plugin manifold. . 

Here’s more on this, Let’s have a look at complete list of enhancements


1. Support for 10 Famous Social Networking Channels


Let your users enjoy the much simpler sign-up process. This provides users option to register or sign-in to your SocialEngine Community website with the click of a button using existing identity from one of the 10 social networking channels, which includes; Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Yahoo, Instagram, Flickr, VK and Outlook.


2.Quick Sign-Up


It offers users the option to sign up using their choice of social identity provider with a frictionless single-click quick signup. It not only boosts up the user retention but, also, increases the visitor retention rate. Easy & Quick sign-up offers users the convenience, less failed logins, and a more personalized experience.


3. Customizable Login Page & Buttons Layout


Customize your login and signup pages as per your convenience and make your website more attractive and appealing. On the login & signup page, social login profile buttons can be shown below, above, left or right to the login form. Also, you can compose the buttons layout in five different layouts and customize it as per your choice.


4. Awesome Widget: Customize Design for Social Bookmarks


The widget for displaying social login options, the design can be customized. Right from their placement, a number of choices to show, the shape of the button, etc, can be composed as per your choice. If you want, labels can also be displayed with the icons.


5. Analyze & View the Statistics


Using this feature, you can analyze how many users have signed up from which social media channel. With this statistics, it becomes easy to analyze which social media channel is the most engaging and driving more users on your SocialEngine Community website.


6. Increased Visibility of Profiles & Quick Signup


Admin can decide for its website, where the user will land up after signup. The user can be directed to pages such as home page, profile page. For Quick Signed up users, profile type and member level can be decided by the admin. After the signup, the already verified and good profile pictures are fetched which adds up flexibility to signup process and increases user retention as, users need not go through a lengthy process of signing up by answering a long list of profile questions as, applicable in the normal sign up process.


7. Optimized for all devices & Smooth Integration with Social Accounts


Smooth integration with social accounts helps to increase website traffic quickly and easily. Smooth Social login interfaces automatically adjust to the orientation and resolution of your mobile website, tablet, desktop and other gadgets.


Get it Now! Or Upgrade your Social Login and Sign-up Plugin to take SocialEngine Community Website to the next level.


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