Ready to Import Business Listings for Directory / Pages Plugin by Placerville SEO

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Creating a Directory by manually creating a Page for each business or organization (from "Directory / Pages Plugin" or "Directory / Businesses Plugin") can be a tiresome task.  Even creating a CSV for importing can be tiresome. It can take a lot of research and time to find businesses, find business location, find business phone number, and manually copy and paste into a CSV and Excel sheet.

A CSV from Placerville SEO already has businesses and organizations appropriately organized by industry, location, phone number, and name. Having a Directory with Businesses already listed is a great way to reach out to Advertisers. If a Business sees that they are listed on your site, then they will most likely want to be an Admin of their Page on your site. In addition, the CSV also includes a list of tags which are highly searched.

With the Data Importing feature of "Directory / Pages Plugin" and "Directory / Businesses Plugin", you can easily import the CSV file from Placerville SEO from the Admin Panel of the plugin.

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According to Placerville SEO, they can actively send out emails to prospective advertisers to advertise on your website. It is a free service if you choose to share advertising revenue. No need to engage in sales calls, hire sales reps, etc. Placerville SEO handles the work.

For any queries regarding the CSV for directory listings, or regarding their offerings, please contact Placerville SEO.