Boost Signups Using Quick & Single Step Signup Plugin

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A single Step Signup is the need of a website to attract more number of users and increase the number of signups...


Too many steps to sign up on a website leads to loss of interest in the user's to sign up and ends up with an incomplete signup. An easy and quick signup process can do wonders for your community to boost the number of signups on your website.


Number of registrations on your website can be increased if the Signup process takes lesser steps. Our “Quick & Single Step Signup” Plugin is developed with an intent to facilitate quick sign up on your website.


Just a Single Step and you are done!



This plugin includes astounding features like:


Single Step Signup: Fill up a single form with few mandatory fields and you are done with the sign up.


Choice of Form Fields: Choose the custom fields you want your users to fill up in the signup process. Now, you have an option to only show the custom fields which are required for your business or community.


Choice of Profile Types: Choose the profile types with their fields to best suit your requirements. You may now choose what all information you want from the users and also make the fields of your choice mandatory for the users to login.


Title & Description: An introduction to your site or a welcome message. Now choose what you want to display as title and description on the signup page.


Amazing Widgets: The two amazing widgets adds to the versatility of this plugin. Quick Signup Form widgets can be placed anywhere on the landing page. The Quick Signup for Login & Signup widget shows the form in popup also.


Form Field Descriptions: The custom or the default descriptions can be disabled on the signup form. The custom descriptions for the profile fields can be disabled from editing the profile types and the default descriptions can be disabled from the Global Settings of this plugin.


Where to Land: Once the user submits the signup form, you can now choose where the user is navigated to, edit the profile or view it first.


The “Quick & Single Step Signup” Plugin will help you improve the user experience on your website. The other features which come along with this plugin are “cherry on the cake”. Benefits of this plugin includes:


Signup Page Design: Choice of profile types / fields to be shown and their order to be set along with a Title and Description will help you design the page as you want.


Time Saving Experience: A single form for signup having few fields will enhance the user’s experience and also save time. This will help in keeping users happy.


Boost in Signups: With a faster signup process, the users won’t quit the signup process in between resulting in higher signups on your website.


To boost signups on your website, Quick & Single Step Signup Plugin is what you need.

Grab it now!


Conclusion: An all new experience of signup process can now be a part of your website. Use “Quick & Single Step Signup” Plugin for a faster and better looking signup page on your website and enhance the user experience in a quick time.


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