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Thursday June 22, 2017   |   News & Updates   |   Leave a Comment


As part of our ongoing commitment to help you build strong and engaging communities, we’re today announcing the release of our upcoming product: PrimeMessenger in the second week of July, 2017 that will be seamlessly integrated with SocialEngine and the iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine.


What is PrimeMessenger?


PrimeMessenger (PM) is a platform for integrating rich, engaging chat / messaging experiences directly into your Websites and Mobile Apps. It allows your users to send individual and group messages, attach external links, share videos and images to other users and a lot more! Your users will be able to have instant private chats with their friends on your community.


Not only will this be a very useful feature for your community, but it will also increase the Website / App session length of users by reducing dependency on external messaging platforms and avoiding bad user experience by preventing users from switching back and forth between multiple applications.


Key features:




One-to-One Chat

Group Chat

Message Read Receipts and Delivery reports

Multimedia content sharing

Works on Web and Mobile Apps

Typing indicators

Intuitive UI

Light-weight, fast, secure and reliable




Easy Integration with SocialEngine Website / Mobile Apps

Easy to customize theme

Easy to use admin panel

Multi-language support


Why should I integrate PrimeMessenger with my Apps / Website?


Connect your users with a rich messaging experience.

Messaging is a highly value-adding feature. It solves multiple use cases.

Enhanced User Experience of your community

Grow User-base and connections

Boost User Acquisition

Increase session length

Keep users engaged

Increase customer lifetime value

Increase conversion rate

Take ownership of the communication data

Easy migration of existing messages on your community


Interested in PrimeMessenger?


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