Plugin Enhancements: Listings / Catalog Showcase and Advertisements / Community Ads

Monday April 25, 2011   |   Plugin Upgrades   |   Leave a Comment

The recent upgrades of these 2 plugins contain feature enhancements which will be very useful for many SocialEngine community admins and users:

1) Listings / Catalog Showcase Plugin:

- Site Admin can now choose if users should only see Listings belonging to their network. If this setting is enabled, then users will only be able to browse through, search and see listings of their network, otherwise, they will be able to browse and search all listings.

- With the Search Form widget, users can now search in and filter listings of their network. Admin can also choose to set default filtering in this widget to be that of only user's network.

These new features further make the Listings / Catalog Showcase Plugin more user friendly. They will be very advantageous for communities which use SocialEngine's powerful networks feature.

2) Advertisements / Community Ads Plugin:

Advertisements can now also be targeted based on networks. Site Admins can enable networks based targeting for community ads on their site. Using Networks Based - Advanced Targeting Options, advertisers will additionally be able to target their ads to users based on Networks, by selecting one or more networks to target, or by choosing the ad to be shown to all networks.