Discount & New Updates : User Friendly Sign Up, Nested Comments and more in Android Mobile App

Tuesday February 26, 2019   |   News & Updates , New Releases , Mobile Apps   |   Leave a Comment

We Deliver what you Love. You demanded for Nested Comments, Quick Sign up and many more features and here we are today announcing the Release of those feature in the Android Mobile App for SocialEngine. Let’s have a look at the details of these features in new App Update :



1. Single Step, User Friendly Sign Up :

Do you want your app to succeed ? Well, sign up process is generally the most important barrier to conquer. If you get Sign up page of your app right, you’re on your way to grow your business at a much more accelerated rate. Few things you need to know about Quick Sign up :


a. Complete Signup in seconds:

Integration with Quick Signup Plugin allows you to keep minimum fields in the sign up form and hence enabling users get into the app in seconds.


b. Easy And Breezy Form:

Neat and Spacious sign up form let users complete sign up with ease and least resistance. All of the Minor points that can improve User Experience are considered in the form.


c. Clean Error Messages:

Unfilled or incorrectly filled Fields are focussed automatically and displayed with clear messages highlighted in red under required fields.


d. Security Methods remain intact:

Email Validation, OTP Verification, Payment settings remain intact and are shown at required steps in the Sign up process.


2. Reply, Edit, Copy in Comments:

Nested Comments Plugin that offers Reply, Edit and Copy in comments was a long awaited feature for our clients. Finally, it’s out now! Let’s have a look at the details :


a. Edit / Delete Messages:

We often make typos while typing and sometimes leave horrible comments on some posts that we later want to edit or delete. Good news is you can Edit / Delete your messages anytime you like.


b. Reply to Comments:

Reply Feature for comments not only provides a good user experience to the app users, but is also proved good for increasing user engagements by allowing the discussions in comments over the posts in the community.


c. Copy Comments:

Did you like any quote or thought posted in comments by the app users, app now have the ability to let you copy that comment to save / share further.

3. Improved Forms UI across the App:

Not only the Sign up Form, we have redesigned all the forms across the app. All Forms in the app are now Neat, Spacious, with clear messages. New form design definitely increases user experience and your app users will now find content creation easy.


4. Other Enhancements across the app:

We have made many improvements across the app. Some of those include:


a. UI Improvements in some sections of the app

b. Enhanced User Experience

c. Improvements in Animations and Transitions



Get these Amazing Features for your Mobile Apps now:

These features have been rolled out this week only so, hurry up and get your app upgraded now or Renew the Support Plan now if not active.




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