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Newsletters / Marketing Plugin as its name suggests, is a system that allows sending of newsletters to your users. Maintaining customer relationships is a key to success for all types of businesses and newsletters are undoubtedly a great way to maintain a healthy relationship with your users / clients. You can send periodic updates regarding your website and business to your clients and users, can inform them about any upcoming event, about new products and launches of your business and thus, you can mark the online presence of your company by advertising the ongoing activities of your website/business among all the users. So, having a good newsletter program can assist your business growth in a long run and keeping this in mind, we have come up with our new launch Newsletter / Marketing Plugin to give a boost to your businesses.



A Snapshot of the Key Features:
  • Easy and Flexible Setup.
  • Mass Mailing possible with no limitations.
  • Specific users can targeted for sending newsletters based on Member levels, Profile Types and Networks.
  • Newsletter Segregation possible, admin can create Newsletter types, so that users can subscribe to newsletters of their interests only.
  • Email Campaigns can be published which allows sending of emails to mass audiences in one go.
  • Scheduling of email campaigns possible so that emails would go out automatically at the time predetermined by the admin.
  • Fully customizable layouts allowing you to design newsletter templates matching your website theme and feel. Use of logos, images, various color schemes possible in the templates.
  • Your newsletters can have customizable Header and Footer in it and you can add important links to your website in these sections, so that receivers of the newsletters can refer to those sections effortlessly.
  • Status can be checked of an active email campaign that if it has been sent to all the target recipients or not.
  • Test mode available that allows to send test newsletters before sending them to real recipients. No option is available at front end to subscribe to newsletters in test mode.
  • Subscriber’s email id can also be verified to avoid any fake subscriptions.
  • Tracking of newsletters possible with a complete set of statistical data i.e. no. of sent emails, viewed emails, and emails that are responded to by users. Response result of your users helps you have a better insight to their requirements.
  • Random and popular content of your site can be added to newsletters dynamically to add some value to their richness.
  • SMTP is very well supported by the plugin to ensure reliable delivery of emails.
  • Powerful & Easy to Configure Admin Panel of the plugin allows you to design attractive and content-rich newsletters.
Why do you need this plugin?
  • Marketing Tool: There is no doubt that this plugin is a powerful marketing tool. You can advertise new products and new offerings of your site among users and send them periodic updates to keep in touch with them.
  • Expanding your reach and network: Guest users can also be allowed to subscribe to newsletters and thus if a person once visited and subscribed to the newsletters, you have a great opportunity to attract that person to your website again and again with the help of newsletters. This would have not been possible otherwise, because most of the times we visit a site and after sometime we forgot about that. But with this plugin, you can avoid the loss of such users who can be a part of your network.
  • Maintaining healthy relations with users: Maintaining good relations with users is a key to success for every type of business and this plugin provides you a great way to maintain that relationship.

Having a newsletter program with a solid audience will prove to be a very important marketing asset for the duration of your business.


For more details, please refer our Plugin page: Newsletter / Marketing Plugin


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