Time to Think Global: SocialEngineAddOns Introduces Language Translator Plugin

Tuesday August 1, 2017   |   News & Updates , New Releases   |   Leave a Comment

Opportunities are like sunrises. You wait too long, you miss them.


Here’s SocialEngineAddOns new plugin that ensures you never miss out traffic generating opportunity. SocialEngineAddOns introduces Language Translator Plugin that lets you expand business across borders and doesn’t let you miss out a single opportunity.


It’s easy. It’s quick. It’s hassle-free. This plugin translates content in multiple ways. Let’s dive into all:


Case 1: If you want to create a new language pack with CSV files (belonging to a specific plugin or third party plugin) translation then, it can be easily done through this plugin.



Case 2: If you want to translate specifically, the users post or any dynamic content, use this plugin even without installing Google Cloud Translator API key.



Case 3: If you want to translate CSV files (belonging to a specific plugin or third party plugin) and your website’s dynamic content with this plugin then, it can be easily done through this plugin.



So, what are you waiting for? Translating your website into different languages will not only make your website accessible to visitors from different geographies but also, makes it easier to convert them into customers.


Here’s more to say! By integrating our plugin, your website will be able to:


1) Adapt faster to changing times

2) Easily adapt to psychology of visitors

3) Build up a personalized experience for visitors

4) Easily gain advantage over competitors

5) Attract visitors from different geographies

6) Perform business branding cost-effectively

7) Boost up the sales number


That’s all, we hope SocialEngineAddOns new product Language Translator Plugin will help you build up an amazing SocialEngine website. If you are looking to translate your SocialEngine website into multi-lingual website, then get it done instantly. Contact us now!.


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