New Release: Integration of Multi-Currency with iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

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Continuous evolution in Mobile apps industry demands businesses to enhance user engagement which is directly dependent on how adaptable our app is. While talking about user experience, mobile apps play a significant role. So, besides just a great design, mobile apps need to have the necessary x-factors that can increase user engagement.

We, at SocialEngineAddOns understand your need and always come up with exciting features! So, here we are again, introducing Integration of Multi-Currency with our Mobile Apps, offering an enhanced versatile experience.

In today’s world of Global Expansion, users come from all over the world expecting a personalized experience when it comes to displaying prices across the app. This feature allows prices to be displayed in local currency without worrying about which payment gateway is enabled, be it be Products, Stores / Marketplace, Subscriptions, Event Tickets, Listings, Buy and Sell, Crowdfunding, etc. this feature allows prices to be displayed in local currency without worrying about which payment gateway is enabled.

Salient Features of Multi-Currency


1. Display of Multi-Currency :

This feature will allow as many currencies as you want to showcase in your Mobile Apps. Users can easily choose any of the allowed currencies in which they want to view the prices.


2. Synchronized with Conversion Rate :

This feature also allows prices to be in sync with current conversion rates. You do not need to be worried about the updates in currency rates, prices showcasing in apps will automatically be updated with current conversion.


3. Efficient Purchase and Payments :

All the payment transactions will be done in base currency so you can select any currency to be viewed at the user end without dependency on the enabled payment gateway.

Integrated Plugins


We have made this feature integrable with the below-listed Plugins:

Benefits of Multi-Currency


1. Enhanced User Experience:

Users feel comfortable and attracted to browse and see the prices in their local currencies. So, nothing can be better than giving customers the experience of shopping in their local currency and eliminating the task of converting the showcased currency to their local ones.


2. Improved User Engagement:

Prices of items showing up in unknown foreign currency can restrict the acceptability and lead to annoying experiences whereas the same in user’s own local currencies will surely improve user engagement.


3. Increased Revenue:

Easy display of prices in own local currency will provide an attractively comfortable experience. This will somewhere lead to hassle-free purchases and payments allowing increment in overall revenue.


4. Smooth Payment-route:

Showcasing prices in any default currency which is foreign to our region can lower the interest for any purchase whereas the same in our personalized and native form will reinforce easy reach to the payment process.

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