New Release: Export User Information Plugin - In CSV / Excel / JSON Files

Friday May 11, 2018   |   News & Updates , New Releases   |   Leave a Comment

The best way to manage the users of your site is to keep their record. This user record saved in your system can further help you in many ways like if you are merging two websites, starting any new website with all the previous user data or want to target some particular users with some marketing plans, etc. SocialEngineAddOns brings a simple and efficient tool "Export User Information Plugin - In CSV / Excel / JSON Files" to export information of the site users like email id, name, gender, etc.



Let’s checkout the Features of this Plugin:
  • Export complete user information from site to your system.
  • Choose the format in which you want to download the export data file: CSV, JSON or Excel.
  • Automatic default templates creation for each profile type of your site.
  • Choose and edit templates using which you want to export the data information.
  • Select the user data fields in the chosen template which you want to display in the export file.
  • So many given filters in order to export selective user information only.
Benefits of this plugin are:
  • For importing all users into an email list, CRM or simply as a record on your system.
  • While buying any new website or merging two website’s user base.
  • If you want to user user record for any marketing business plan.


Benefits are countless if you have complete user base on your system in three easily understandable formats. An amazing plugin with such an easy functioning steps is here. Grab it now.


To know more about the features listed above, please read our Plugin Page: "Export User Information Plugin - In CSV / Excel / JSON Files"


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