New Release: Automated Website Tour, Walk-through & Feature Introduction Plugin

Tuesday February 27, 2018   |   News & Updates , New Releases   |   Leave a Comment

Tired of reading long Knowledge Base articles? Bored of viewing multiple videos?


SocialEngineAddOns has recently released 'Automated Website Tour, Walk-through & Feature Introduction Plugin' for site admin to be able to create real time and interactive walkthroughs in simple steps.


No more reading Knowledge Base documents or watching boring videos.

Just Click on the Go and Learn.


Many factors such as stylish layout, features, quality content, easy navigation, etc. define the success of a website. But what’s more important is educating the existing or a new user to understand and easily navigate through all the features and functionalities of your website. This is why the need of walkthrough / tour of your website's features arises. A walkthrough enables you to share how exactly the features and functionality on your website works for a user for its optimum utilisation.



Let’s explore some features of this plugin below:


1) 3 Types of Tour Display

The admin can choose any of the three possible ways to enable the ‘Tour’ for its users:

a. Automatically start the tour, whenever a user lands on a webpage.

b. Automatically start the tour for first time visitors on the webpage. Thereafter the user can replay the tour manually by simply clicking on ‘Start Tour’ button.

c. Manually start the tour by clicking ‘Start Tour’ button.


2) Highlight with Overlay

Enable overlay and only highlight the section of the webpage which is currently in focus. Apart from the section in focus, rest of the webpage is masked with a black translucent layer to enable the user to focus on the highlighted information only.


3) The Guided Tour Information

The guided tour information i.e. the titles and descriptions added for the tour step can be displayed at any of the 4 positions: top, bottom, left or right. This flexibility with the display position helps in traversing and showcasing all the sections on your webpage without any hassle.


4) Redirect Tour to Other Pages

You can add a URL of any other webpage where you intend to direct the user on clicking the ‘Next’ button while the tour is in progress. It can also be left blank in case you don’t want to redirect user to any other webpage. This can also be used to direct the users to a page displaying a message “The Tour has ended”.


5) Tour Timeout Settings

You can easily set the time duration for a step of the guided tour. This not only helps in controlling the speed of your tour but also makes it an automated process. You can set the time duration to be short for a section which has a short description; alternatively for sections which have long descriptions this time duration can be longer as per the requirement.


6) Multilingual Support

This plugin enables the title, description, button labels for a tour to be translated to any of the enabled languages on your website. So, you don’t need to create multiple tours in different languages rather just create a tour in your preferred language that gets translated to the language of choice by the user.


7) Compatible with Popular Browsers

The Tour created using this plugin works well on multiple browsers such as Safari, Chrome by Google, Firefox by Mozilla and Opera.


8) Start Tour Widget

‘Start Tour’ widget is placed on its own whenever the website tour feature is automatically enabled to be played on your website. In case you want to add ‘Start Tour’ button at a fixed position on a webpage, then this can be done easily using the ‘Site Tour Button’ widget.


And many more…


To get a hands on experience how this plugin works, check our Demo:


To know more about the features listed above, please read our Plugin Page:


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