New Release: Advanced Forums Plugin for SocialEngine PHP

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Forums are one of the best ways to increase engagement in a community. They promote information sharing and become a repository of knowledge that is relevant to your community.

To promote information sharing and increase user interaction on your community, SocialEngineAddOns has come up with a new plugin:


   Advanced Forums Plugin


Forums help people interact with each other and share their views. One can start a discussion, ask a question or post a topic, where people with similar interests / groups can get together and discuss, post reply and encourage others to participate in the discussions.



SocialEngine already provides a basic forums module, but our "Advanced Forums Plugin" contains all the features to make forums work well for your community's growth.


Advanced features like: User Dashboards, Adding Reputation, Giving Thanks, Topic Ratings, Social Sharing, Commenting to a Reply, Adding Sub-categories, Adding / Editing Icons, etc provide all the essential ingredients to make forums a successful feature of your community. You can get all these features on your SocialEngine website for just $49 and make discussions more interactive for your site members, and create highly engaged online communities.


Highlights of Advanced Forums Plugin

Users can:

- view and access the Topics / Posts created by them using a interactive dashboard panel

- increase / decrease reputation of post creators.

- give thanks to the post creators.

- subscribe to a post, post a comment on a reply and rate topics.

- Social Share integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

- post comment or discuss / reply over a particular post.

- add Subcategories and Icons: Allow admin to add / delete subcategories and add / delete icons for the forums.


Seamless integration with:



- Create / Delete Categories their Sub-Categories and Forums.

- Assign icon to Categories their Sub-Categories and Forums.

- Add forum moderators.

- Enable / Disable rating feature.

- Enable / Disable reputation feature.

- Enable / Disable Thanks future.


Main Plugin Page:

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Demo: Check out the demo of this plugin here:


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