New iOS App Updates - New Features, Enhancements, iPhone X Compatibility and a lot more

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New features, enhancements, iPhone X compatibility, client feedback and Bug Fixes! The latest update for SocialEngine iOS Mobile App has it all. Yes, we are excited to announce an important update release for our iOS Mobile App for SocialEngine.


Let’s have a look what all this iOS App update has on offer:


1. Compatibility with iPhone X and iOS 11
Newer the Better! As time flies, technology is upgraded with new features and updates for better performance and an enhanced user experience. We at SocialEngineAddOns continue to stay on top of the latest technology, industry trend and device compatibility to make our clients thrive in today’s competitive world online. With the release of iPhone X last year, there has been a lot of improvement in the way users interacts with the Mobile App. Let’s quickly checkout the optimisations in the SocialEngine iOS Mobile App for iPhone X:


a. Full-screen display support, more space to display App content

b. Highlight important content with correct scaling at perfect position

c. Correct App controls appearance and easy to tap

d. Scale to fit Videos and Photos

e. Better App content display, no interference with device components like Status Bar, Home Indicator etc. to provide better user interface

2. Uploading Videos made Easy
Uploading a video is now a few clicks away in our iOS App for SocialEngine:

a. Paste the URL of the video in the Status Box to upload videos from external sources like YouTube, Vimeo etc.

b. No need to fill Video Creation forms to upload videos using “My Device” from Status Box. Now, just select the video from the Status Box and voila, it’s posted in the App

3. Display Full Width Photos and Videos in Activity Feeds

Photos and Videos in Activity Feeds of iOS App are now displayed better than never before. The photos & videos are displayed in full-width of the device screen without losing quality. The large size thumbnails of photos and videos in feeds increases visibility to make posts eye catching, making the app look much more visually appealing.

4. Enhancements in Friends Menu in App Dashboard

Now, you can easily locate Friend List in the iOS App. Friends Menu can be accessed through the App Dashboard for quick access.

5. Enhancements in Friend Requests Page

You can see Friends Suggestions based on Mutual friends and Phone Contacts displayed on Friend Requests page along with the Friend Requests. Just another smart way to increase user engagement on the App by enabling members build friendship with other community members.

6. UI Improvement of Tabs in People You May Know page

The design Interface of Suggestions, Contacts, Search etc. Tabs in “People you may know” has been improved. All the tabs are spaced out with a clean layout with an icon, giving the page a new look and feel.

7. Integration of Advanced Videos extension

The Advanced Videos extension is now well integrated with all SocialEngineAddOns Modules. It enables creation of videos as well as display of already created videos on the content’s profile page.

8. Add to List option in Friends Tab on User Profile Page

You can easily organise your Friends with “Add to List” feature in Friends Tab on the User Profile Page. You can create lists from the app and add/remove friends from the list too. Your friends won’t be notified when you add/remove them from your list. You can also use “Add to List” feature to control your privacy settings to allow who should see your posts.

9. Events Ticket Selling Extension Compatibility with Advanced Events Plugin

The “Events Ticket Selling Extension” is now partially compatible with “Advanced Events Plugin” in the iOS App for SocialEngine. With this feature inclusion, now you can book free and paid tickets for many of the use cases like exhibition tickets, gym memberships, dance classes, music concerts or whatever your business demands. This extension coupled with the “Advanced Events Plugin” opens up new avenues for you to monetise your online community.

10.Contact Details display on Page Profile

The page owner can now add contact details to display email address, phone number and / or website on the users Page Profile to help them reach out to the website / community owner for any queries or business deals.



What’s next in the store for SocialEngineAddOns iOS Mobile App users?


We value your patronage and appreciate your confidence in us. Counting you among our customers is something for which we are especially grateful. Our team is working on exciting and some useful features for the SocialEngine iOS Mobile App to add great value to your community. Let’s have a quick glance on the upcoming features:


a. Enhancements in Advanced Activity Feeds
b. Integration with Advanced Comments Plugin: Nested Comments
c. Improvements across the app


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