New features in iOS and Android Mobile apps for SocialEngine PHP - May 2016

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If you want to build a credible presence for your SocialEngine based community, then we recommend you to leverage our iOS & Android Mobile apps. Connecting members of your online community with feature rich mobile apps, enables them to stay connected and engaged, and this can make your business flourish.

Continual improvement of our mobile products is what we’re focusing on, and we’re back with new features, bug fixes and enhancements in our mobile apps. Below is a quick summary of features and bug fixes that have been included in recent version upgrades of our mobile apps:


New Features in iOS App for SocialEngine:-


• Implemented check-in feature with “nearby”. Users can check-in into their nearby locations.

• Implemented Multiple Photos Uploading from activity feeds. Users can now upload 10 photos in one go from Activity Feed.

• Bug fixes in Photo LightBox viewer. The like and comment features inside the LightBox are now smoother.

• Image Caching implemented inside Photo LightBox viewer.

• Loading of new Activity Feeds in background; this improves app’s performance.

• Fixed a bug that rotated camera photos taken in portrait mode. Now, if a user takes a portrait photo with their camera while uploading it on the app, then it gets posted fine.



New Features in Android App for SocialEngine:-


• Integrated “Advanced Events Plugin”. If Events form an important feature for your app, then this will be a very useful enhancement for you.

• Improvements in check-in feature. Now, near-by locations of a user get auto-populated.

• Enabled attachments like Photo, Music, Video and Link etc. in Messages.

• Auto-conversion of smiley patterns in text to Emoticons.

• Multiple songs uploading supported in Music module.

• Loading of new Activity Feeds in background; this improves app’s performance.



Above is a quick summary of feature developments and enhancements recently done in our Mobile apps. We’re continuously working on developing new features in our iOS & Android apps.


To check out these new features in our apps, please get them from:

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