New Enhancements in Advanced Activity Feeds in iOS Mobile App for SocialEngine and 15% Discount

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Few months back, we released Enhancements in Advanced Activity Feeds of our Android Mobile App for SocialEngine. We received great response from all our clients for that release. Based on the positive feedback received, we have now released same enhancements in our iOS Mobile App product for SocialEngine as well.


These new enhancements provide your users a rich experience with aesthetically pleasing User Interface and a complete makeover of the look and feel of Activity Feeds in iOS Mobile Application for SocialEngine.


Let’s have a closer look at the enhancements in the iOS Mobile App for SocialEngine:


Sell Something

If you are looking to sell any item within your network, now you can easily do so by simply adding a status update. The seller can define what’s on sale, currency, price, targeted location, product description and add photos too. This feature is a boon for those who have few items to sell to the community members.


Feeds Posting with Appealing Background Images

Posts with photos always get noticed and attract much more attention than a normal status update, plus they also make your app look much more visually appealing. iOS Mobile App for SocialEngine now allows status updates using background images. What once used to be a regular text update has now transformed into a soothing, vibrant, attractive status update.



Feed Decoration / Word Styling

An important update! A short status update usually goes unnoticed along with other trendy posts. Now, users can highlight their smaller posts with few tweaks like bigger font-size, unique font-color, font-style of texts in posts, and let your community timeline look more alluring.


Post Scheduling

Schedule a post to be automatically published as per your preferred date and time. By scheduling a post, you can plan and execute your marketing strategies to engage with the community members.


Targeted Posts

Reach out to your target audience by classifying them by their age and gender. This enhancement offers a great way to target users with your ads, posts, offers, etc. Targeting your posts to reach the right audience helps in keeping your community alive and much more interactive for the members.



Pinned Posts

Posts can be pinned on User’s Profile. Pinned posts stay at the top on User’s Profile as long as you want it to stay there. Pinning the right content captures the attention of your potential customer and can help you increase number of visitors for events, promotions, articles and many more.

Copy Feed Link

There are a lot of content you browse through in the Newsfeed of the Mobile App, and would like to copy and share with your friends outside the community. Now, you can easily share “Feed Link” with your friends by simply clicking on the gutter menu (three dots) located on top right of the respective feed.

Enable / Disable Notifications Post-wise

Unwanted notifications can be pretty annoying at times. Notifications for a specific post can be enabled/disabled as per the choice of the user.



Post Privacy

Privacy options in the app limit your post to reach the right audience. Now, adjust post privacy for each and every post updated on the Mobile app. You will be required to change the post privacy if you need to change the audience it should reach, else the post will be shared with the same audience as it was for the last post done by you.

Greetings / Announcements

Happy Birthday, Happy Easter, Merry Christmas! Don’t want your community users to forget friends' birthdays or want to extend your warm wishes on some occasion? Greetings and Announcements feature makes it easy for you.



Resolved Public Git Issues
  1. Wrong Badge Count on App Logo. Issue #36
  2. Delay in Comment Like/Dislike. Issue #35
  3. Stretched Cover Photo in App Dashboard. Issue #26
  4. Video Play even if Video Page is closed #21

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