Many New Enhancements in Directory / Pages Plugin and its Extensions

Wednesday February 1, 2012   |   News & Updates , Plugin Upgrades   |   Leave a Comment

Continuing our practice of enhancing our plugins, we're glad to announce many enhancements in the "Directory / Pages Plugin" and its extensions:

1) New Page Wall / Activity Feeds for Pages with excellent features like: Feeds Filtering, Info Tooltips, Auto-loading of feeds and many more! Users can also Tag Pages in their status posts. Page Admins will get notification updates and emails when their Page is tagged in someone's post. (This is dependent on the new "Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin")

 2) Browse pages for all Extensions:
The various content extensions for "Directory / Pages Plugin", like Photo Albums, Videos, Reviews, Notes, Documents, Events, Offers, etc now have their own widgetized browse pages listing collectively the respective contents from all Directory Items / Pages.

You can choose to place links for these pages in the Main Pages Navigation Menu, and manage them. You can also choose to place the respective links for these pages in your site header navigation menu or in any other menu of your choice.

This enhancement now enables you to highlight those content types from Pages on your site that are important to your site's concept. Example, if Photo Albums and Reviews for Pages are important feature of your website, then you can choose to show the links for their browse pages in your Main Pages Navigation Menu.

3) Search Forms for all Extensions:
The extensions of "Directory / Pages Plugin" were already integrated with SocialEngine's in-built search engine. We have now also developed search form widgets for the content from extensions. These widgets are placed on the browse pages of these extensions and can also be placed at other locations as per your requirements.

4) Widgetized View pages for Extensions:
The main content view pages for the following extensions have been made widgetized. You can now configure the layouts and widgets for these content pages from the Layout Editor:
Photo Albums, Videos, Notes, Events, Reviews and Ratings, Documents, Polls, Music

5) Many New Widgets:

=> In "Directory / Pages Plugin"

- Page Profile Contact Details: Shows contact details of a Page (Phone, Email and Website) in an attractive manner. Page Admins can easily enter details as well in this widget.

=> In "Directory / Pages - Photo Albums Extension"

- Sponsored Albums

=> In "Directory / Pages - Videos Extension"

- General widgets: Top Rated Videos, Most Liked Videos, Most Commented Videos, Featured Videos, Most Viewed Videos, Sponsored Videos
- For Video View page: Similar Videos, Other Videos from Page, People Also Liked

=> In "Directory / Pages - Reviews and Ratings Extension"

- General widgets: Most Liked Reviews, Most Commented Reviews
- For Review View page: Review Details

=> In "Directory / Pages - Events Extension"

- Upcoming Events, Sponsored Events

=> In "Directory / Pages - Notes Extension"

- General widgets: Most Commented Notes, Most Liked Notes, Recent Notes, Popular Page Note Tags, Sponsored Notes
- For Note View page: Related Notes

=> In "Directory / Pages - Documents Extension"

- Most Liked Documents, Most Commented Documents, Featured Documents, Recent Documents, Most Popular Documents, Top Rated Documents, Sponsored Documents

=> In "Directory / Pages - Offers Extension"

- Sponsored Offers
- Available Offers: Displays Page Offers based on their ending dates in 3 tabs: "This Week", "This Month" and "Overall".

=> In "Directory / Pages - Polls Extension"

- Most Commented Polls, Most Voted Polls, Most Viewed Polls, Most Liked Polls, Recent Polls, Sponsored Polls

=> In "Directory / Pages - Music Extension"

- Most Liked Page Playlists, Most Commented Page Playlists, Popular Page Playlists, Recent Page Playlists, Sponsored Playlists

6) New Featured and Sponsored Labels:
You can now show very attractive and clearly visible labels for "Featured" and "Sponsored" Pages on "Pages Home", "Browse Pages", "My Pages" and user profile "Pages" tab (See here: In the Admin Panel of this plugin, you can choose whether you want to indicate "Featured" and "Sponsored" Pages with such labels, or with the old small icons. Additionally, in such listings, entries of Featured Pages also appear with a colored background.

7) With the "Directory / Pages - Contact Page Owners Extension", along with sending Emails and Messages to Page Admins based on Page Categories and Packages, you can now also send Emails and Messages to Page Admins of Featured Pages, Sponsored Pages, Open Pages and Closed Pages.

8) Member Level Settings in "Reviews and Ratings Extensions": You (Site Admin) can now grant Member Level based permissions for reviewing and rating Pages on your site.

9) Making Pages claimable at the time of importing: Using the Pages Importing Tool, while importing Pages, you can now mention whether a Page should be made claimable.
10) Others:
- Page Claim Notification: You (Site Admin) can now get an email notification if a member makes a Claim for a Page.
- Posted By: You can now choose from Admin Panel of this plugin if you want to show "Posted By:" information at various places in this plugin.

We have more enhancements coming up. Stay tuned to our updates on this Blog, our Facebook Page and Twitter Feed!