It's Finally Here - Major Upgrade Release of iOS Mobile App for SocialEngine

Friday September 28, 2018   |   News & Updates , New Releases , Mobile Apps   |   Leave a Comment

Some weeks back, we announced release of New Enhancements in Android Mobile App for SocialEngine. We were pleased to receive amazing responses from our clients for that upgrade. The same enhancements are now available for iOS Mobile App for SocialEngine as well. Let’s have a closer look at these:


1. Auto-suggest Search Results

• Start Typing in Search Field and related search results will be auto-suggested on the same screen
• Everytime you come to perform Search, 6 recent results from your Search History will be displayed on Search Page
• Results Auto-suggest feature works all across the app i.e. Global Search and in all Modules’ Searches


2. Login Screen - New Interface

• Plain White Background of the Login Screen makes it look vibrant and elegant
• “Eye Icon” to show / hide Password
• Overall new UI of the page enhances visibility and user experience



3. Store and Product Creation

• Store Creation
• Package Selection
• Shipping Method Creation
• Payment Method Configuration
• Create Products of All Types i.e. Simple, Grouped, Bundled, Configurable etc.


4. On-the-spot Video Playing in Activity Feeds

• Click on Play Icon in feeds to play the video in Lightbox
• Swipe Down gesture in the Lightbox to close the Video
• Click anywhere else (from Play Icon) on the Video Feed to go to Video View Page


5. New Material Design based App Slideshow

• New Slideshows include Plain Background, Icons, Title and Description
• Colors, Icons and Texts are all Admin Configurable
• Old Slideshow with Configurable Background Image and Text is also available in iOS Plugin Settings. Admin can decide which Slideshow to enable in app, at the time of filling the App Set-up Form.



6. App Tour / App Walk Through

• Visible to members when they Log into the App for the first time
• Important sections get highlighted with circles with small description in a pop-up
• Highlights display on Members Home Page, App Dashboard, User’s Own Profile, Other User’s Profile, Module (Album, Video, Events etc.) that a user will visit first after logging into the app
• “App Tour” Menu in App Dashboard to start the tour again



7. Location Auto-detection

• Location Auto-detection can be enabled / disabled from Admin Panel
• If enabled, users will be asked to allow access to their current location and enable device GPS
• Every time users open the app, their current location will be auto-updated if they have already allowed location access to the app once
• Once location is set, it can be changed (admin configurable) from location icon in App Header
• Members, Events, Listings and all modules’ Browse Pages (except Albums, Articles and Videos) in the app will have the results from closest to farthest distance from your current location


8. Map View in Multiple Listing Types and Members Page

• Multiple Listing Types (MLT) Module and Members Page have Map View available in the app
• As users access Map View, they will be pointed to their current location in the map along with nearby results
• If there are no nearby results available, then user will be pointed to the first result available in the Map
• Clicking on any result in MLT or Members Page will open a pop-up with required details like Name, Photo, Category, Location etc.


9. Two View Types on Multiple Listing Types Module Browse Pages

• Multiple Listing Types (MLT) module in Mobile App has Four Views available: Map, List, Grid and Matrix
• Admin can set any two View Types (One will be default and other as secondary) in the app from the available four views
• Views can be configured from “Admin” > “Plugin” > “SEAO - iOS Mobile App” > “Multiple Listing Type Layout” section
• There will be a Toggle Button at the bottom right to switch between the available view types


10. Two View Types on Members Browse Pages

• List and Map, two views are available on Members Page
• Default View for the page can be selected from “Admin” > “Plugin” > “SEAO - iOS Mobile App” > “Global Settings” > “Member Page Default View” setting


11. Integrated Events Extension with all SocialEngineAddOns Modules

• Directory Pages, Stores, Groups/Communities and Multiple Listing Types Plugins have Events Extensions integrated
• Option to create an Event in Page, Groups etc. is displayed in the Gutter Menu (3 dots at top right) on Content’s Profile Page
• A new tab “Events” will be displayed on Content’s Profile Page only when any Event exists for that content


12. Other Important UI Enhancements:

• Display Action Icons on Notification Page
• Improved Loading Effect for Photos in Feeds and all across the app
• Change Filters Background to Circles in Activity Feeds
• Make the whole Status Box Clickable that increases the User Experience
• Redesigned Pop-up for “Report Ads”
• “Loader” with better visibility across the app
• Resolved “Stretched Photo in Preview while Sharing a Photo”


13. Important Bug Fixes across the App

• Resolved Memory Leakage related issues
• Accurate and Similar Table height of all pages across the app, so the loader position is fixed and completely visible
• Browse as a guest Bug Fixes
• Improved App Performance by modifying API Requests from the app


We have been working hard on this release from the past few months to deliver you these amazing new features that can enhance user experience on your community to a great extent. We hope you liked this app update. Please share your feedback on Github, if any.



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