Introducing New iOS and Android Apps for SocialEngine

Tuesday November 24, 2015   |   News & Updates , New Releases , Mobile Apps   |   Leave a Comment
The future of community building is on Mobile.
Get your community in the hands of your customers with our beautiful mobile solutions.

Hello Everyone,

Since the past few months, we have been working on re-building our Mobile Apps Products from grounds-up: "iOS Mobile Application - iPhone and iPad" and "Android Mobile Application". We're excited to inform you that we have now released these products.


Our new iOS and Android app products are API powered and completely native. They make the best use of mobile phone capabilities and mobile designs, and enable your community to thrive via easy access through mobile.


For details of these products, please visit their main pages:


- iOS Mobile Application - iPhone and iPad:

- Android Mobile Application:


Demo Apps:

- Android App:

- iOS App:


Mobile Apps Subscriptions


You can now get iOS and Android Mobile Apps for your SocialEngine based communities by subscribing to one of our easy mobile apps subscription plans: .


With a nominal one-time fee, small recurring fee, free "SocialEngine REST API Plugin", and many more benefits, you can get great quality iOS and Android apps for your community with these mobile subscriptions. There are 3 recurring billing cycles: Monthly, 6-Monthly and Yearly. The 6-monthly and yearly plans provide great savings.


Note: We're currently offering FREE 1 month subscription for the mobile apps plans. 


Got Queries?


If you have any queries about the Mobile Apps Subscriptions, or about our iOS / Android app products, then please contact us from here: .


Existing Clients: I had purchased "iOS Mobile Application" and "Android Mobile Application" earlier. How do I move to the new Mobile Apps Subscriptions, and get my mobile apps upgraded?


If you have purchased our "iOS Mobile Application" and "Android Mobile Application" earlier, then we will adjust the complete payment made by you for these products towards your subscription of "Mobile Pro Plan". Our support team will help you with this. Please file a Support Ticket from your SocialEngineAddOns Client Area for this request, and our Support Team will send to you a Coupon Code to enable you to make adjustment for your payment made towards your subscription of "Mobile Pro Plan".