Voice Messaging with Channelize – A New Way to have Conversations

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Our friends at have been working hard since their first version to release features and functionalities that would skyrocket users engagement for your customers.

To give more ways for having conversations between your users, they have now added the ability to Record and Send Voice Messages.


Voice Messaging

Many times users want to avoid typing out a long message and rather think that it would be much faster and easier if they could just say their messages and send. At other times, they might want to engage in night sleep talks, share voice notes and memos, send a quick voice message while they’re in a business meeting, or just make their loved ones listen to how they sing or play the guitar.


The new feature of Voice Messaging in Channelize enables your users to do all of this easily by just recording and sharing!

This not only gives a lot of convenience to your users, but also adds new ways of engagement and sharing.


Why use Voice Messaging?

- Message while you’re on-the-go: Whether you’re responding while walking or multitasking, communicate easily and quickly.

- Detailed talk & communicating emotions: Sometimes users would need to give an in-depth explanation, and some other times, they might want to send the right emotions across. Voice messages are ideal for these. They are a better way to express yourself than textual communication, and build a more personal connection.

- Better than calls; Respond when free: Many times, voice messages are better for recipients than calls, because they can listen and respond whenever they are free.


Channelize is rolling out Voice Messaging on our Mobile Chat SDKs of iOS and Android. Users will be able to receive voice messages on Mobile as well as Web.


Experience Channelize with all these enhancements in action, please click below for iOS or Android demos:



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