Better Scrolling, Enhanced UI & UX, Performance Improvements in SocialEngine iOS App! Last day to grab 15% Discount with all your orders.

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We understand what you need!! Sometime back we released enhancements and rebranded our iOS and Android Mobile Apps. However, we feel that we must keep the ball rolling by adding new enhancements and features to our Native Mobile Apps. To help you build engagement & interaction within your Community, our team has done some more enhancements in the iOS Mobile App.



Read on and check our Demo iOS App to experience this!


Improvements in UI & UX for iOS App:


Refined the Way you Scroll - An enhanced scrolling for your users in our iOS Mobile App. Now, it’s much more smooth to give your users the best scrolling experience.


Awesome View of Filters in Activity Feeds - Add Background color to Filters Icons in Activity Feeds to create a polished user experience and makes it more visually appealing and eye catching.


Compact & Visually Appealing Status Box - Attachment block in status box is now, much more compact and efficiently utilizes the space to improve the look & feel of the App.


Comments Visible in Feed - Increasing the reach of every feed made simple. Now, find the user comments along with the post they commented on. From the notifications, it’s now easy to navigate to the post where the comment has been done.


View Options on Members Page - Admin can set the default view of members on Members Browse Page as Map View or List View. Choose the way you want to display the members list.


Instant Reactions on Activity Feeds and Photo Lightbox - You don’t have to wait anymore! When a user reacts on the posts in Activity Feeds or Photo Lightbox; reactions appear instantly.


Bug Fixes in iOS App:


Advanced Activity Feeds & Across the App - We have done bug fixes in Advanced Activity Feeds & across the iOS application to give your users a smooth & engaging user experience.


User-Tagging Implemented while Check-In - Now tag people in your posts when you check-in to a location. We have fixed this bug and now it’s easy to build a personalized experience for your Community members.


Each and every interaction amongst your Community Member adds value to your Community. With these enhancements and Bug Fixes in our Native iOS Mobile Apps for SocialEngine, we move a step forward to ensure that all of your members have an enthralling Mobile App experience.


Give your users, a taste of these amazing improvements and let them explore the new features. Get your iOS App upgraded by simply filing a support ticket if you have an active Subscription for Mobile Apps, or subscribe to a plan now from here.


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