A Complete Facebook Look for your Website

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Want to showcase your website just like Facebook? Want to attract all the Facebook lovers?
Want to boost the user Sign ups on your site?

The solution is here : “Facebook Clone Package”

Get our latest package comprising of a brand new Facebook Clone Theme bundled with other recently launched plugins and some of the most popular SocialEngineAddOns plugins to help you build a new website similar to Facebook. This package is power packed with all plugins required to give users a seamless experience with the features similar to Facebook, plus some tweaks to make the customer engagement and experience even better. Explore the demo now.

Have a look on the highlights of this package:

To view the complete list of plugins included in this package, checkout the Facebook Clone Package page

  • Facebook Clone Theme: “Facebook Clone Theme” is a well designed crisp theme which has been developed keeping Facebook in mind. It comprises of many new features and unique widgets to give your website a complete look and feel as Facebook. To know more about this theme, read our blog New Release: Facebook Clone Theme.
    • Navigation Drawer: Get a complete new experience with the new site menu design. Showcase the menu of your website in an attractively creative design and display the profile pictures of your community members in a distinctive way to lure users.
    • Layout Scroll: A global widget with improved scrolling experience for your website users. This widget takes scrolling to the next level as the columns of the widgetized pages scroll down till the end of the content on the page.
    • Explore: Show important links of various modules or pages on your website as link or menu to offer easy navigation to all of your users.
    • Shortcuts & Bookmarks: Use shortcuts and bookmark pages/content on your website to easily navigate back to them as and when required. Simply, place the widget on any of the widgetized page where you want to showcase all the shortcuts or Bookmarks.
    • Recent Logins: An interesting feature designed to make frequent login an easy process for the returning visitors of your community. You get this functionality inbuilt for the landing page, though using its widget one can enable it for other pages too.
  • Other Plugins: This package is a bundled set of most popular plugins and some of the newly released plugins of SocialEngineAddOns, which enables you to offer a whole new experience to your community members. Here’s the list of some of the plugins included in this package:

So many exciting plugins, widgets, new engaging features & functionalities, a perfect clone of one of the most popular social networking site makes this package a one stop solution for developing a new website for your community.


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