Exciting Features Released in Android App: Shimmering Effect, Image Compression, Add Friend Widget and a few more!

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Recently, we have implemented many engaging features in our Mobile Apps like Multi-Currency, Deeplinking/Universal Linking, Live Broadcasting, Video Autoplay, Go Live on Member Level Basis , and more, which have played a prominent role in increasing user engagement in the community.


It’s easy to get new users, but a bit tough to retain them in any community. Continuous App Improvement is a must for boosting usage and activity in your community, which would consequently help to hold onto Users. Keeping this in mind, we regularly enhance our products and keep them updated with the latest features.

Let’s have a look at the new things our app update has to offer this time:

Shimmering Effect:

To provide a more engaging experience to users, in replacement to existing Loading Bar, we have introduced an obtrusive loading screen i.e Shimmering Effect in the pages till the Contents are loaded. This will provide eye-soothing and attractive experience for users of the Community.


Add Friend Widget:

New Sign-ups allow visibility of only limited feeds and thus, new users won’t get a chance to have an interactive platform until they Add New Friends. This Widget provides a new way to introduce members of the Community directly to Members Page, wherein you can easily Add New Friends, see new updates and keep yourself updated.



Image Compression:

Smartphones these days are equipped with great cameras resulting in images of high-resolution and large dimension, hence occupy larger storage space. Image compression reduces the size of an image file before posting in the app, without causing degradation to its quality. Below are the benefits this enhancement offer:


  • - Quick Image upload or download in the App
  • - Consume less storage space at the server
  • - Quick loading of feeds


Android Pie (9.0) Compatibility:

As time flies, technology is upgraded with new features and updates for better performance and user experience. We at SocialEngineAddOns thrive to stay on top of the latest technology, industry trends, and compatibilities. Newer the better! So, we are here with the compatibility of Android Pie ( Android 9.0) in our latest Android app.



The possibilities for your community with these Mobile Apps are endless, and this upgrade now presents another reason to build apps for your community. Get them now from here!


Check out this Amazing enhancement in our Demo Android App


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